Progress Photos

I love looking at other people’s progress pics, so I decided to go ahead and set up a page just for my progress photos. Now let’s hope no one decides to steal them and use them elsewhere!


My weight-loss has slowed to an almost imperceptible crawl, but the scale is still going down!


These were my first 5K in Sept 2015 (42:02) and my first HM in Sept 2016 (1:24:39).

253 Days smaller

This is my on-going series of progress photos. I’ve taken out some months to allow all the photos to fit side-by-side.

50 lb difference

Summer 2014 to Feb. 2016 50 pounds gone!

New Clothes -50lbs 2

This is me Valentine’s Day 2016! 50lbs GONE! The jeans are a size 12!

New Clothes -50lbs

Once I lost 50 lbs, I went out and treated myself to a few new clothes, including this sweater. It as Valentine’s Day 2016.

New Clothes -50lbs 3

This is the shortest dress I’ve owned in a LONG time! I feel really pretty in it, and I even got new shoes to go with it! It was part of my 50lb celebration!

180 day jammies

I refuse to give up my Minnie Mouse pajama pants, but they fit me a bit different after losing 45lbs. I also wanted to be able to show just how much of difference it’s made in my face. Of course, I’ve also lost my summer tan. 🙂

Turkey Trot 5K

My second 5K was on Thanksgiving 2015. It was ridiculously cold at the start of the morning. By the end it had reached about 40 degrees. My time was 38:56


This was me at 4:30am before my first 5K in Sept 2015. My time was 42:02.