Day 356 – 10 miles!

I was scheduled to run 10 miles on June 19, but my knee was hurting. 10 miles turned into 3.1 followed by a grueling 3.1 mile walk back to the car and 4 days of rest. Roller blading caused it to “pop” several times, and it magically felt a million times better. I started strength training to better support it and have been getting back to the running. Today, I decided it was time to try for 10 miles again.

I did it!!


Check out my 10:43 pace!! I felt great today!

This came with such a great runner’s high! I got out early to run my “local” (45 min away) rail trail. Shortly after 9 am, I found myself feeling strong, powerful, accomplished, and generally awesome. As I sat down to stretch a bit before driving home, I had one of those really emotional post-run moments when I felt overwhelming appreciation for…well…everything.

I love the views from the trail head. I can’t help but feel like a very small part of something so much bigger when I look out and see the mountains.

My eating has been totally on track today – of course, since I’m burned over 1200 calories running, I can’t imagine over-eating šŸ˜‰

Day 356

Hopefully, this will be the first of a whole streak of green days!


Day 327 – Lost and Found

So I was planning to do my 9 mile run today. I was excited to try running in a new park and had my route all mapped out.

Then I got out and started running. It was supposed to be a 14.5 mile loop that I was going to run out (4.5 mi) and back on for my 9 miles. When I hit 4 miles, I ran out of trail! WTF, right! I found myself smack in the middle of a big parking lot, and no matter how hard I looked, there was no more trail. I have no idea what happened, but I decided to roll (or run) with it and just do a few laps around the parking lot before heading back.

I had been very aware that the whole way out was down hill, and I was dreading running the whole way back uphill. When I left the parking lot, I found myself running down hill. I started to freak that I was going the wrong way. I just had no idea where I was and ended up back-tracking a bit. What I was seeing on the trail just totally did not match the trail map! Finally a cyclist passed and was able to help me out.

I did find my way back to my car, but it didn’t end up being a 9 miler; it ended up being 9.66!!! I was SOOO DONE by the end, but I did it!Run June 11

Day 315 – 5K PR

Well, my grandmother is hanging in there. She certainly becoming more and more confused, but she’s at an age when that is to be expected. I had fun going out to lunch with her Sunday. We indulged in ice cream (she LOVES getting sundaes, so I always take her out for one). Since I had run 7.5 miles Sunday morning. I was able to fit my sundae into my day without going too far overboard. I ended Sunday just about 300 calories over my MFP allotment.

My run Sunday morning was awesome! I don’t know who thought up the rails to trails idea, but they are a genius!

Running next to the river and along a nice flat trail was blissful!

May 29 Run

This run felt good! I was really proud of myself!

Then, today, I ran a 5k. I really wanted to PR my 5k time and see how close to 30 minutes I could get.

30 min 5k May 30

Apparently, I get within 10 seconds of a 30 minute 5K!!!

I was SO excited about this. I can honestly say, this is absolutely the hardest I could run today. I gave it everything I had, and I’m amazed that I came this close to 30 minutes!

We grilled burgers for dinner tonight, and I enjoyed it while keeping things under control.Day 315

Day 292 – First 10K Race Report

Talk about a mixed bag of emotions! I’m not sure exactly where to start, so please excuse me if I start to ramble.

This race was an officer memorial run, and as I signed up for it, I was worried that everyone there would be super-fit police peeps running crazy fast. I checked everywhere and found no time limit for the race. I talked to people and was told it was open to people of all paces (the organizer assured me that they always have several walkers doing the 5K). After last week’s “practice” run, I was kind of looking to finish between 1:15 and 1:20 with a goal pace as close to 12 min/mile as I could maintain.

Then I woke up with a cold this morning. My stuffy runny nose with snot draining down my throat really made me want to just stay curled up in bed and forget the whole race. I could totally have done a normal 6 or 6.5 mile run on my normal route.

But I’m a bit bull-headed and once I decide to do something, I’m generally unwilling to give it up, so I got up and we drove to the race…

…where I finished in 1:07:18!!

…except I only ran 6 miles (not 6.2), because the officer directing me to the finish had me cut off the last almost 1/4 mile to get me to the finish…

…because I came in dead last …

…by more than 2 minutes

…even after dropping 0.2 miles from the course.

I don’t know how to feel about the whole thing.


I kept telling myself that there could be someone behind me (even though I knew there wasn’t).

I feel like crap because I have a cold, but I’m really proud of running 6 miles at an 11:10 pace. I felt great while running, except for having that gut-wrenching fear of being left alone and abandoned on the course because I KNEW I was last. Then again, that fear is what pushed me to keep the runners ahead of me in sight – which is why I kept up the pace I did. But I was LAST, and I finished alone, and it was sad. Everyone cheered for me as I crossed the finish line, but honestly, it was just embarrassing. There I am having the best 6 mile run I’ve ever had; I’m running faster than I ever have for that distance, and I felt like aĀ failure of a fake runner, because all of these people were kind and generous enough to stick around and cheer for the slow, fat girl who really didn’t belong in their stupid fast race. (The first 10K finisher was done in less than 39 minutes.)

It was the best 6 miles I’ve ever run and exceeded all of my hopes while completely sucking and leaving me feeling terrible about my running.

Then we went out for breakfast, and I ate stuffed french toast. It was delicious!


This is the official picture of what I got. I had turkey bacon and eggs over hard, but the french toast pretty much looked just like this and was AWESOME!

Day 257 – My first 10k

Run Apr 2 2016 splits

Check out all these negative splits!

Run Apr 2 2016

I was thrilled to complete my first 10k in just over 1h 15m!

I still have a cold, but I’ve decided that’s just part of life. I’m done letting life get in the way of being healthy, so I ran anyway. (Really, my cold isn’t that bad. I just tend to be whiny about it.)

I actually have a TON of stuff I want to write about, but it’s the end of 3rd quarter. That means I have grades due, I have to do my part to organize summer school, and I’m have to contact (and document) a bunch of parent contact stuff. I’ve been working like crazy, recently, but in just a few days the worst will be over. Then it’s actually VERY smooth sailing to the end of the year. The end of 3rd quarter is the final push. Once we get into 4th quarter, it is what it is. I can’t magically and dramatically improve a students ability to read in less 6 weeks; all I can do is solidify the skills they’ve been developing all year while keeping them motivated and in love with reading (or at least not let their feelings about reading decrease). This year, I expect 13% of my students to fail their reading exam. (FYI, that’s less than 5 kids.) In each case, it’s a combination of medical issues and home life situations – they are all students for whom I will happily acceptĀ a failing scoreĀ if it means that I can use my time with them to help and support them deal with much more important life stuff.

Day 249 – 60 lbs and 5.5 miles

30 Scale Mar 25 172.2 lbs

I’ve lost another 2 pounds! Technically, that puts me down 4.7 for the week, but I don’t really agree with that. It is nice to see that my BMI now puts me in the “overweight” category. No more obesity for me!!

I really think that my weigh-in last week (when I was up almost 2 lbs) was a reflection of my mental state more than my eating or exercise habits.

March 2016 weekly comparison

When you look at the 2 weeks, there isn’t much difference in my calorie in-take. I ran less (but I still ran), and the food I was eating was, well, mostly cake and cookies.

From March 11-17, I was feeling really down and not like myself. I know it doesn’t make much scientific sense, but I think it impacted what the scale said. Going out of town on the 18th was exactly what I needed! I think returning to my normal mental state combined getting the sugar under control and returning to my running routine all helped get things back in order. I expect next week I’ll return to my 1-2 pound loss rate.

Since there is no school today, I did my long run. I enjoyed most of my 5.5 miles. It got tough at the end, but mostly because the sun had broken through the clouds making it a bit warmĀ and sticky.

run Mar 25 2016

I call this route “The Butt Crack.” (No, I’m not 12, but I teach kids that age and have GREAT appreciation for their sense of humor!)

I’ve gotten disturbingly comfortable running up the “Hill of Doom,” so I’ve begun going further down the road – and up the second “Hill of Doom!” I won’t go the whole way up the second hill, yet, so the elevation change ends up looking like a butt crack! šŸ™‚

It’s been a good day! Hope you’ve enjoyed yours, as well!

Tomorrow we are going to have family fun (putt, putt golf, laser tag, ski ball, etc) and then we’re going out for PIZZA!!

Day 243 – A lot to say about feeling like myself

This weekend is another weekend of watershed teacher training! It’s the second in a set of 4 weekends that follow the water from the mountains to the bay. It was supposed to go “Mountains, Fall Line, Coastal Plain, Bay,” but our first weekend got hit by a hurricane, so we are going “Fall Line, Coastal Plain, Mountains, Bay.” It doesn’t follow the water, but we still get to learn about all of it. You can read about that first weekend at the fall lineĀ here.

This weekend is as awesome as the first! I think a weekend away to hang out with teachers in nature is exactly what I needed. I’m feeling so much more like my self! I did a 4 mile run in the park today, and I feel like I’m getting my eating back under control. This also means that I’m back to CARING about getting my eating under control. I do think cutting sugar has played a HUGE role in making this easier, but the change of scenery has helped my mental shift.

I don’t want this post to drag on forever, so I’ll share most of it in picture form:

Belle Isle 1

This is the trail I ran this morning. It’s a 1.9 mile trail that I ran out, then back, then a bit of a side excursion to finish out an even 4 miles. The uneven ground was weird, and I had to stop occasionally to figure out which blaze to follow, but it was awesome! (and flat!)

Belle Isle 2

This field is a part of the park that’s leased out for farming. Since I ran at 7:30 am, (my earliest non-race run EVER!) I got to see it just after the sun came up. There was actually a deer leaping gracefully across the field as I snapped the picture, but it’s SUPER tine since I was using my phone.

Belle Isle 4

We spent most of the day exploring the wetlands found on the coastal plain, and the trail I ran went right past some beautiful tidal wetlands!

Belle Isle 6

I also got to see some pretty fun fungi! These white “steps” are some of the coolest fungus ever! I really wish I had a better camera to capture the rings of color that decorate the white shelves.

Run Mar 19

It was nice to run somewhere different, and this trail was awesome! I want to do it again tomorrow morning, but it’s supposed to rain, so we’ll see. This run has me really excited to get back to my regular running schedule (I really slacked last week, and I realized just how much I missed it, today).

Day 243

There isn’t a big difference between MFP and MFP pro, but I like that I can adjust the little things – like my sugar goal, and being able to set my “home” view to show specific nutrients. Even with eating out lunch & dinner, I only went 65 calories over (total of 1750-ish), and I really think it’s directly related to controlling my sugar intake. I certainly felt full at the end of each meal! I may not lose weight until I go back to keeping my calories under 1400-ish, but I think that will be easier now that I’ve broken free from the grasps of sugar.

I’m so glad to being feeling more like my normal, perky self again! I had really been feeling pretty down, there for a while. I’m excited to get back on track and back to dropping the pounds – even if it’s only an ounce at a time!

Day 237 – Leaving it all on the road

I ran while thinking yesterday. I didn’t look at my watch; I didn’t admire the woods; and I didn’t look out for animals (except when I stepped on the tail of a baby snake and freaked out while hopping toward the OTHER side of the road).

I ran and I thought until I didn’t have any thoughts left.

When I was done, my mind was quiet, my legs felt like jello, and my spirit was peaceful.

Run Mar 12 2016

I was surprised to hear my watch beep for what I thought was the 4th or 5th time. It pulled me our of my zoned out state, and I realized that my mind had been quiet and my legs were tired. I felt done in every sense of the word, so I stoppedĀ and looked down at my watch to realize that it had been SIX miles!


Day 230 – Running in the wilderness

I have run more than 11 miles since Friday!

I ran a new distance on Friday – 5.28 miles!! I hit a new fastest mile on Saturday – that 2nd mile was 10:15!!! I finished off the weekend with an easy 4 mile recovery.

While running all of this awesomeness, I encountered a skunk. Don’t panic! It didn’t spray me. I left him alone and he just ran along across the street from me for a few yards. He was beautiful. He still has his winter coat, so his fur was super fluffy and shiny. I know it sounds weird, but as long as you avoid the teeth, claws, and smell, skunks are really pretty creatures. I wish I could have gotten a picture, but I didn’t have my phone with me.

On Saturday, my run was paused while I let a flock of 8 wild turkeys cross the road. Spring turkey season doesn’t start until April (I think). In any case, they are big and plentiful right now. Of course, I still didn’t have my phone with me, so I didn’t get a picture of that either.

Since I don’t have pictures of either of my wildlife encounters from this weekend, I thought I’d share one from exactly 1 year ago (It seems like all the animals know when the calendar flips to March. They immediately begin appearing all around us!)


This little guy spent the whole first week of March in our chicken coop last year! We were a bit worried he’d hurt the chicken and/or eggs, but he was small, so we left him alone. We called him Sanctuary, and he didn’t bother the chickens at all!

Day 223 – Food regret & a good run

There have been many times in the past 7 months when I have eaten more than I “should” have on any given day. There are times when it has been totally controlled and intentional, and there have been times when I lost control; but I usually make it a point to decline any feelings of regret. I eat what I eat. I cannot un-eat it, so I’m usually quick to move on.

Yesterday was different. We went to my son’s academic competition, and I knew we’d be eating lunch while there. Since they were serving concession stand food (which is both high in calories and gross), I told Little Man that I’d take him out for dinner, so long as we packed lunch. I didn’t mind eating a few more calories, if I was spending them on yummy food, but I refuse to waste my taste buds on gross-ness. It worked great, and I stayed 100% on track. As we finished our delicious dinner, MFP showed that I was just under 1500 calories for the day! My tummy was full, it was 5pm, and I was proud!

Then we walked past the Girl Scouts.

After several weeks of ignoring them, I broke down and bought 1 box of Thin Mints – MMMMmmmm! I ate 8 cookies. I probably should have stopped after 4, but 8 wasn’t terrible and brought my calories for the day to 1750-ish – I could TOTALLY live with that and was proud of myself for walking away while there were still cookies in the sleeve!

The rest of the evening was calm, and I was happy with the way my day had gone. Hubby arrived home after picking up dinner for himself on the way. He offered me some macaroni salad, and I accepted. I didn’t think about; didn’t consult the nutrition facts; didn’t ask myself if I was even hungry (I wasn’t); I just ate some macaroni salad.

It was not good. Even as I ate it, I was thinking to myself, “This is kind of yucky macaroni salad. It doesn’t have much flavor, is a bit soupy, and I’m really not hungry.” With 2 bites left in my bowl, it dawned on me that I should stop eating it. *head thump* I guessed that I’d eaten about a half cup, and figured I hadn’t screwed up too bad. In my head I was expecting 100-150 calories, as I logged back into MFP to add it to my day.

Then I saw the real number – 270 CALORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 222

Yeah, my very small, not yummy, bowl of macaroni salad was absolutely NOT worth this!

For the first time, since starting this journey, I sincerely regret eating something. I was SO pissed off at myself. How could I be stupid enough to eat it without checking the label? Why on Earth did I not STOP eating it after that first bite – when I realized I didn’t like it? I know it’s still a stretch for me, but I have been working on only eating when I’m physically hungry – why didn’t I consider that and stop myself?

After a good night’s sleep, I’m still mad that my daily total for yesterday hit 2100 calories over something so gross and after such a hard won day, but I have quit beating myself up about it. I certainly learned something from it!

I am back on track today. I had a great run this morning, and we’re grilling burgers for dinner tonight.

Day 223

This includes my dinner plans, and I’m committed to sticking to this today! I might have a 100 calorie bag of popcorn, if I’m really craving a snack tonight, and I could live with that. I’ll either end my day at 1417 or 1517 – both are very reasonable.

Run Feb 28 2016

It was a beautiful day for a run! Having water with me is really nice. I feel like a dork wearing my water bottles, but it works well for me. I just keep reminding myself that I look like a dork running down the road anyway – adding water bottles really doesn’t change much. šŸ˜‰

Feb 28 splits

I was SO proud of my negative splits today! (As I type that I’m a bit thrown off to realize that I actually know running each mile faster than the one before is called “negative splits!”)