Um, hi?

I don’t really know where to pick up, so I’m going to bullet point the highlights:

  • On Oct. 1, I finished the Prince William Half in 2:18:54 (an almost 6 minute PR!)
  • After the race, I almost quit running. For more than 2 years, I’ve spent 90% of my running time going up and down the same 4 mile stretch of road, over and over and over again. I’ve watched the seasons change twice, been chased by raccoons, surprised by skunks, passed by a bear, lunged at by a snake, fallen in pot hole, offered rides by my neighbors, and even had students’ parents stop to ask me about an assignment as they drove past! It all just feels …   …   … the same – like I’ve been here and done this before. Consequently, my running dropped to just twice each week, and usually only 3 miles/ run.
  • After OBSCENE amounts of Halloween candy, I’m happy to still weigh 162 (This on the high end, but still within the range I’ve maintained since Jan 2017)
  • I’m wearing my size 10 pants. For a brief time last fall, my 8’s fit ok. They are all too snug now, but my 10’s still fit well.
  • Luckily, I started to REALLY miss running, so I decided to try out trail running.
  • Of course, I decided this during the opening week of hunting season and was almost shot by my neighbor during my first run.
  • Now, I run at a nearby state park – that does NOT allow hunting!
  • I’ve done almost half a dozen trail runs now, and I’ve decided I LOVE IT! It’s SO much slower than road running, but SO much more interesting!
  • I registered for a trail 10k on Jan 6!
  • I have no idea how life will proceed, but maybe one day this week I’ll post my debate about running Terrapin Mountain HM or attempting the full RNUTS 6 run trail series!

For now, I’ll leave you with my reward for tackling a 4.5 mile trail last weekend:

Happy Monday, Friends!


5 thoughts on “Um, hi?

    • Thanks! We’re doing a month long tour of western national parks next summer (Yellowstone, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, etc), and I’m excited to run trails along the way!


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