HM or whole series?

Terrapin Mountain Half Marathon is what enticed me to start trail running. It’s a tough run with 3200 ft elevation change, but the views look amazing. I definitely want to run it… someday, but maybe not this year.

There’s something called the RNUTS (Roanoke Non-Ultra Trail Series) challenge in my area. It’s a series of 6 trail races ranging from 5k to marathon distance. It’s meant to support increasing distance throughout the spring. I’m leaning toward running the series this year and saving Terrapin Mt. HM for next year. The series requires that I run 4 of the 6 races, but bonus points are given if all 6 are run (and I think it’s be cool to attempt all 6).


  • Jan 7 – 10K
  • Mar 3 – 5K or 10K (I’ll run the 10K)
  • Mar 17 – 5 miler or 10 miler (I’ll try the 10)
  • Apr 7 – Mountain 10K (It’s steep!)
  • May 5 – 10K or Half Marathon (I’ll be going for the Half!)
  • June 3 – 25K or Marathon (This 25K will be my first attempt at more than 13.1!)

It’s a really nice sequence of races! They’re all within 2 hrs of me; the most expensive is $42; and it will keep me running all spring. Unfortunately, with 6 races, even the reasonable prices really add up. I may be asking for race entry fees for Christmas! (haha!)

There is a trail that runs up the ridge behind my house. I can only run it on Sunday’s right now (otherwise, I risk being mistaken for deer and shot), but it’s nice to have it in my own back yard. It’s a really steep trail, though. These 2 pics are from the 1/3 mile mark. On the left, you can see the trail continue up. On the right, you can see the view down – including the roof of my house (It’s green and right in the middle of the pic.)


Um, hi?

I don’t really know where to pick up, so I’m going to bullet point the highlights:

  • On Oct. 1, I finished the Prince William Half in 2:18:54 (an almost 6 minute PR!)
  • After the race, I almost quit running. For more than 2 years, I’ve spent 90% of my running time going up and down the same 4 mile stretch of road, over and over and over again. I’ve watched the seasons change twice, been chased by raccoons, surprised by skunks, passed by a bear, lunged at by a snake, fallen in pot hole, offered rides by my neighbors, and even had students’ parents stop to ask me about an assignment as they drove past! It all just feels …   …   … the same – like I’ve been here and done this before. Consequently, my running dropped to just twice each week, and usually only 3 miles/ run.
  • After OBSCENE amounts of Halloween candy, I’m happy to still weigh 162 (This on the high end, but still within the range I’ve maintained since Jan 2017)
  • I’m wearing my size 10 pants. For a brief time last fall, my 8’s fit ok. They are all too snug now, but my 10’s still fit well.
  • Luckily, I started to REALLY miss running, so I decided to try out trail running.
  • Of course, I decided this during the opening week of hunting season and was almost shot by my neighbor during my first run.
  • Now, I run at a nearby state park – that does NOT allow hunting!
  • I’ve done almost half a dozen trail runs now, and I’ve decided I LOVE IT! It’s SO much slower than road running, but SO much more interesting!
  • I registered for a trail 10k on Jan 6!
  • I have no idea how life will proceed, but maybe one day this week I’ll post my debate about running Terrapin Mountain HM or attempting the full RNUTS 6 run trail series!

For now, I’ll leave you with my reward for tackling a 4.5 mile trail last weekend:

Happy Monday, Friends!