Whole 30 Day 11

Well, I definitely had to pull up my calendar and actually count out the days to figure out that this morning starts day 11! I’m back to my old philosophy of “just don’t think about it.” I’m too busy teaching, running, cooking, and doing family stuff to give much thought to foods I’m not eating. I am, however, enjoying some really delicious new recipes!

I’m not really noticing much “happening.” I keep reading about symptoms, magic, and tiger’s blood, and I must confess, I don’t get it. I’m not hungry or feeling cravings; I’m tired, but that may be the start of the school year.  My pants fit the same. I’m holding out hope that more will change later in the month.

I will say that I haven’t had any migraines since starting it, so that’s good! Unfortunately, my running has slowed WAY down. I’d been running 10:30-11 min miles with moderate effort. Taking it super easy would mean an 11:30 mile, and it wasn’t a big deal to pull off 3 consecutive 10 min miles, though I couldn’t really do more than that.

Now, well, my 10 miler on Saturday was at a 12:01 pace, and it was HARD! I had hoped it was just because of the distance, but I struggled to stay under 12 min miles on Sunday, as well. Then last night, I decided to really push myself. I ran hard for 3.5 miles. It was tough, but I pushed through…

…and finished with an average pace of 11:26 – AAAAHHHHHH!

From there I did my normal strength training tidbit. I felt super weak and really struggled with it, but I can’t blame that on Whole 30 because I haven’t been doing my strength training due to the busy start of school schedule.

The pink shirt picture was from a couple weeks ago; the green is last night. I don’t really see any difference, but I wouldn’t expect to after just 10 days.

To add to the chaos, my grandmother is back in the hospital, for the 3rd time since mid-July. *sigh* It is what it is.

I guess I just feel like I could really use a sign that eating healthier is actually going to lead to positive changes, but then I remember going through this same sense of questioning and feelings of hopelessness 2 years ago when I changed my eating habits. I stuck with it, and eventually A LOT changed. Hopefully, this will be the same.

If nothing else, I’m trying out a lot of great new recipes!


4 thoughts on “Whole 30 Day 11

    • Staying off the scale has been tough for me, but I’ve been sticking with it. Unfortunately, the no PMS was something I was looking forward to that proved not to change this week. It’s still early in the 30 days, though, so who knows?!

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