Whole 30 – 5 days!

Today was day 5, and life is still good!

Apparently, Hubby and I both like orange roughy! We made parchment paper packets with broccoli, orange roughy, and a dill/garlic/mayo/lemon sauce. We paired it with mashed cauliflower creamed with coconut oil.

orange roughy

Ok, so this is NOT my orange roughy. It’s just a generic fish fillet picture. The problem was that the actual meal was SO good, it was GONE in record time, so I never got a picture! I think it’s been our favorite meal, so far.

I have to say that trying out all of the new recipes is one of the best parts of this Whole thing. (haha, I just couldn’t resist!)

Of course, I say that now, on day FIVE. I suspect my tune will change as I continue to do dishes (we don’t own a dish washer) and have to cook every night (in the heat with no AC). I’m already looking at next week’s menu and trying to simplify things a bit.

Speaking of stupid heat:hot and late

Note the bottom right hand corner, where it says this was both my HOTTEST run AND my LATEST run! UG! Oh yeah, it was totally a walk, not a run, because you know.. the HEAT!

Other than that, there’s not much going on. I’m eating, running (kinda), teaching (kids have been back for 2 days), cooking, and cleaning… basic life stuff!

Oh, I almost forgot! I’ve been SOOOOO tired the last two days. I cannot keep my eyes open and I just want to sleep. The problem/gift is that I have no idea if it’s back-to-school exhaustion or Whole 30 exhaustion. I’ll likely never really know, since both/either should pass by the middle of next week. For now I’m just trying to stay awake 1 class period at a time.


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