Quick Travel & Changes

The plan for this week involved trekking through Kentucky (visiting my in-laws) on our way out to Missouri for a big boy scout reunion. Unfortunately, my grandmother’s health took a turn for the worse. This isn’t the end, but I’m worried it may be the beginning of the end. The rest of my family would have to juggle vacations, work schedules, and whatnot to ensure someone is with her the entire time she’s awake, but since it’s still summer break and I’ve already done Disney, Niagara, camping, rafting, etc. I happily volunteered to come spend as much time as necessary with her until I have to return to school the second week of August.

Of course, this meant there were some last minute travel changes for me. All said and done, I spent Monday night in Virginia, Tuesday & Wednesday nights in Kentucky, Thursday night in Missouri, and arrived in Pennsylvania on Friday. To say it’s been a bit of a whirlwind week would be putting it mildly.

My diet has been, well, ugly. For my daily goal review each night I just keep checking the “keep trying” box (instead of the “met” or “exceeded” boxes). At least I am tracking all of my eating!

I’ve also managed to keep up the running, though I’ll “only” hit 20-22 miles this week (normally I’d be celebrating that, but after last week’s 27 miles… whatever).

Running in the miserable heat and unending flat, sun-soaked misery of the mid-west really reminded me just how much I love my mountains! I’ll take shaded, windy hills over miles of corn any day!


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