An actual official weigh – in!

It’s been a while, but I did remember to take a picture this morning – of a 3.4 lb loss, so less! Scale 17 July 2017

Tracking everything I eat is really the key for me, and I’m mostly happy with how things went this week. That said, I’ve been a bit concerned about how/if I’ll continue tracking while traveling. Then I had one of those “I’m a moron” palm-to-forehead moments when it dawned on me, that I switched to paper tracking to keep up with my running – perhaps I should do the same with my eating… duh!

Paper Journals

The Training Journal is awesome for keeping track of my runs. It lets me look at a whole week across two pages, but still gives me enough room to make notes about my runs, my pace, how I felt, and any cross training I did, Weekly Runs

At the end of each week, I total my mileage and add it to my running total mileage for this training cycle. (I’m very excited to say that I ran 27.1 miles this week!!)Daily Runs

When I went looking for a food journal, I wanted something similar. A lot of the ones I found wanted me to record carbs, sugar, protein, fiber, sodium, etc for everything, and that’s just WAY too much for me!! Eventually I found this journal, and I’m really excited about it!Daily Food

It allows me to pick any two things to focus on (calories, sugar, fiber, etc) and I just record that information. I can change my focus as needed. The book also has me record my hunger and fullness levels before and after I eat, and asks me to set daily and weekly goals. It even prompts me to evaluate how well I met those goals. These are some of the big things I want to work on.

I did okay this past week, but a lot of it was because I ran so much. My activity level allowed me to get away with eating ice cream (A LOT of ice cream). I don’t want to “have” to run 27 miles to make up for a crappy diet. I want to eat healthy! (or at least healthier)

This journal also has a weekly wrap-up. It prompts me to reflect on what went well and consider the challenges I faced.

Overall, I’m hoping to improve the quality of diet while still keeping loose track of calories to ensure I stay on track. For this week, I’m just going to record calories, but my goal will be to only eat 5 sweets over the course of the week (this past week, I had at least 1 sweet every day, so… baby steps!)Weekly Food


6 thoughts on “An actual official weigh – in!

    • Thanks! It feels really good to get back to it! I’m really enjoying your marathon training, too – awesome commitment!
      The Training Journal is edited and published by Runner’s World and The Ultimate Diet Log is by Suzanne Schlosberg & Cynthia Sass (published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).

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      • You are so sweet to say that, thank you! You know you’re next with the full, right, ;D You’re going to kill your half marathon this fall, and then you’re going to start preparing for a full by next summer, I predict. 😀
        Thanks for the names of those books!!

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      • I’ve actually been thinking about someday doing a full, but training time is a big issue. We’re expecting a big move in 2019 that will involved me subbing for a year instead of full-time teaching. That may be my time for a full.

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