Big Update pt 2 – Summer Travel

Since becoming a runner, one of my biggest motivators is using my runs to explore new places. I run through wherever we are staying to learn my way round (and discover easy access to hidden trails!), and sometimes I even run trails to see what I can discover. I never worry about pace and pay only a little attention to my distance. Mostly, I run for the adventure, and it’s amazing what I find!


We’ve see lots of waterfalls this summer, and it all started with this one in Shenandoah National Park. We hiked down to the base of the falls and enjoyed a picnic lunch on the flat rocks at the bottom.


Chef Mickey’s was one of the best parts of Disney! We got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald. AND the food was AMAZING!


These are almost more art than dessert, but they tasted delicious, too! We got one of each and shared them all.


This was our camp set-up at Niagara. The campground had almost no shade, but temps weren’t too bad.


This is Cucumber Falls found in Ohiopyle State Park in PA. It was cool, because there were a ton of rocks to climb around on at the bottom of the falls. Unfortunately, we ended up hiking back to camp in an afternoon downpour. The upside was that it cooled us off.


The Tree of Life, found in Animal Kingdom, was really cool. There are all kinds of “carvings” in the trunk of the tree, and the whole thing looks completely real – even though it’s actually made of concrete!


Animal Kingdom had DinoLand where kinds could dig for fossils, and Little Man LOVED it! It was a great afternoon break in the shade.


My parents got a character experience for my son where he got to be a rebel spy. He dressed as an imperial officer and snuck aboard the “Star Tours” ride. He loved it!


I was surprised to discover that it’s actually really hard to get a picture of Horseshoe Falls in Niagara because of all of the mist! This was the best we could do.


The rainbows were amazing, and riding The Maid of the Mist into the middle of Horseshoe Falls was one of the coolest parts of our time in Niagara Falls!


I was shocked to learn that Niagara Falls has moved 7 miles upriver has the water erodes the rocks! Of course, it’s taken 12,000 years, but still!


My most interesting run so far this summer has been along the Niagara Gorge Rim Trail. It was one of my slowest runs of the summer, because I was so in awe of the views!


Niagara Gorge has tons of swirling whirl pools due to the widening and narrowing of the river. They were -fun to see as I ran the trail along the rim of the gorge.

It has been an amazing summer already, and we leave again next week!

As much as I’m unhappy with my weight right now, I’m not willing to focus on it too much – I just have so many better things to do! I am, however, tracking everything right now, and I’m working on getting back to some easy healthy habits that I had let fall by the wayside these last few months.

I’ll weigh-in again (and hopefully remember to take a picture) at the start of next week and again when we return from this next trip. It’s my goal to lose weight this week and not gain any back while we travel!


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