Day 9 – Running, racing, tracking (or not)

This morning started with a delay. Our 7:30 start was moved to 8 – no biggie.

At 7:42 I was in my corral, ready to go… when we were told to seek shelter (and delayed to 8:30). So I huddled with hundreds of other runner under an awning.

At 8:10-ish the skies were starting to clear and all of us started moving back toward the corrals… when they announced there was still a weather threat and delayed us to 9 am.

I’m glad they were looking out for everyone’s safety, and their alerts were clearly conveyed and widely dispersed – even without a phone on me, I had no trouble keeping up with what was going on.

The issue was…

By the time I STARTED the race, it had been 4 hours since I’d eaten, and I finished my 13+ miles almost 7 hours AFTER my last meal (and this was true for most of us – it was a big topic of conversation during all of the delays!).


I’ve now done TWO half marathons!

Even with all of the adventures, I somehow pulled off a 2hr 29 min 51 sec finish! It was BRUTALLY hard. All of the limited running and training problems, combined with the weather made for a VERY tough run, but I did it!!!

After a hot bath, some good food, and a quick nap, I got all dressed up for the spring opener at Churchill Downs. My parents get tickets every year, and it was a blast! I LOVED seeing all of the pretty dresses and beautiful hats!


Of course, I got to wear my own awesome hat!

Since I’d run the minimarathon this morning, and this evening was such a special treat, I chose not to track my eating today. I still kept loose track of what I was consuming, so that I didn’t go totally overboard, but I didn’t stress over it.

I’ll be back to full tracking tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Day 9 – Running, racing, tracking (or not)

  1. Congratulations on your second half!! I don’t know how you made it through 13.1 miles after going that long without eating. I would have absolutely died lol. You are a total badass!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Thank you! It was so funny to hear everyone during the delays – everyone’s biggest issue/concern was food! We were all glad the race officials were watching out for our safety, but everyone agreed that we needed to EAT!


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