Day 619 – Tracking and traveling

I’m going to be close to hitting my goals this week. So far, I ran on Saturday and Tuesday. If I run again today (which is questionable), it will still only be 3 runs this week.

I’m posting here, now, but that’s only 1 post before Friday – not two.

I am, however, tracking everyday!

It’s not much, but it’s progress.

I’ll be traveling to see my grandmother this weekend, and that is always a challenging adventure. Usually, my son gets along well with his great-grandmother. They love to do circle-a-word and find-a-pictures together, but I always worry. She is getting older and struggling more and more. And Little Man can be very energetic and loud.  I’m just never sure what to expect.

My family moved around a lot as I was growing up, and I’ve never lived in the same town for more than 7 years (and that was from age 4-11). My parents moved while I was in college and again the week after I got married. Since I spent a large portion of my childhood summers with my grandparents, that’s been the one constant house/town in my life.

I spent summer afternoons walking around town with my friends there. We’d spend evening playing street hockey in the alley behind my grandparent’s house, and after dark, we’d switch to hide-and-go-seek. My grandma would stand on her back porch and holler when it was time for me to come in.

Grandma loved to cook for me! She would make me anything and everything I asked for. Of course, sometimes my requests got a bit lost in translation. I’ll never forget asking her for macaroni and cheese and then being handed a plate of angel hair pasta covered in Parmesan cheese.

gma & luke

This was one of our previous visits. I’m hoping this weekend will go as well as past visits have!


Day 613 – Weighing in and keeping on

This week marks a major turning point for me in a few different ways.

  1. It’s the end of 3rd quarter, so I’ll be wrapping up instruction over the next 4 weeks and shifting into end-of-year review.
  2. It’s spring and the birds are chirping again!
  3. I’ve already run 3 days this week!!! (Sun, Mon, & Tues) – and I have plans to run this afternoon, as well!
  4. I’m back to tracking everything I eat, everyday! Today is only day 3 of this streak, but I’m feeling good about it.
  5. I’m back to a regularly scheduled Friday weigh-in. The scale said 158.8 today (I’ve maintained a pretty steady 158-ish since the 1st of the year).
  6. My family is back to a normal schedule; my house is as clean as it ever is (which is not at all clean, but not nearly is much of a disaster as it had been); and I’m back to enjoying life instead of surviving it.

I’m even setting a few goals for the next week!

  • I will track my eating everyday
  • I will take a picture of the scale next Friday
  • I will run 4 times between today and next Friday
  • I will post 2 additional times BEFORE Friday

The other day, another teacher and I were commiserating about what rough month February had been and how long it was taking us to recover, and I made a comment about being a slacker for so long changing my HM goal to 3 hour finish. She asked me if I felt bad about myself for that (she said it in a really nice way, a way that suggested she was/would beat herself up for it).

Her question, and the way she asked it, made me realize there’s been a big shift in my thinking over the past couple years.

In the past, I would have felt like a failure and beat myself, but not anymore.

See, now I’m really PROUD of it. I’ve always said this is a life-long journey, and life isn’t always easy. Every time I look back, I can’t help but see proof that I can, and will, make it through the tough times and keep going.

Yeah, it was ugly there for a while, but I’m still here. I haven’t given up! I still weigh 75 lbs less than I did before! I can still run a mile!

“To everything there is a season” and every season through which I progress proves my strength to have grown.



Day 609 – Back to being me

I’m finally feeling more like myself, again. Winter has always come with down days or weeks for me, but it’s never been bad enough to really mess with my life. This year… holy crap! It was U.G.L.Y. I really think it was the flu combined with a lack of snow that made the difference. Between the 3 members of my family, we ended up at the doctor no less than FIVE! times between February 1 and March 10.

The lack of snow just felt wrong. It looked like spring, and it felt like spring, but there were no birds chirping. It messed with my head. The lack of snow days off from school and spent shoveling the driveway also added a monotony to the month with no cause for celebration.

I’m finally feeling completely back to normal, but I’m having to adjust a few things. The biggest change is to my goal for the Louisville mini-marathon. There will be no 2:10 finish. There will be no PR. After 4 weeks of hell, and another 2 weeks of recovery, I’m down to only running about 10 miles PER WEEK! YIKES!

My new, realistic goal is to be able to run 8 miles of it and walk the last 5.1 for a sub-3 hr finish. I’m completely okay with that. I’m unwilling to “force” myself to do much of anything at this point, since I’m actually starting to enjoy running again. (The last part of January and all of Feb, it felt like something I HAD to do, instead of something I GET to do.)

In other good news, it appears my hip/knee issue has cleared up! I’ve been keeping up with some strength training too, and that is going well. I do 25 reps of each of 10 exercises once or twice a day. The whole thing only takes me 10-15 minutes, which is nice!

Happy first day of spring!

Day 597 – Feb summary & small wins

Yesterday, I went for a mid-week run. It was only 1.6 miles, and there was a good bit of walking involved, but I got out there on a Tuesday! This was my first mid-week (Tues, Wed, Thur) run since Thursday, February 2.

February really ended up being the month from hell. Little Man got the flu; I got the flu; Hubby got the flu; then Little Man got a stomach bug. I had 2 parents freak out and cause major drama at school (We suspect it may actually have had to do with a decision Hubby had to make as a board member). Add in 0 snow days, basketball practice & games, academic team practice, and it was completely overwhelming. Our schedule prohibited me from attending my teacher’s writing workshop meeting (which is the monthly social outing I tend to most look forward to). It was an awful month! I think I cried at least once a week, and at one point I broke down in the middle of a conversation with my principal (who was VERY understanding).

In my attempt to survive, I let go of EVERYTHING! I didn’t worry about running; I didn’t track my eating; I didn’t even step on the scale regularly!

I only ran 11 times in February, which is exactly HALF of my 22 run goal.

Of course, that showed up in my mileage. I ran 37.3 miles throughout the entire month!

I did end the month weighing 1 lb less than I started it – though I am confident it was purely coincidental. 🙂

The good news is that I survived it, and I’m moving forward. I’m hesitant to set any March goals or put much pressure on myself at this point. I’m working on “flipping” my research writing unit, and it’s going REALLY well. I’m running when I can and trying to build back up my long runs.

Yesterday, I tracked my breakfast and lunch, and I already tracked my breakfast for today. I’m taking it one day at a time and trying to focus on the positives.


Day 594 – Seeing sunlight

Ok, my house is clean, I weigh 158 lbs (which is WAY better than what I expected the scale to say), no one in my house has had to take a sick day in the last 10 days, and today, I ran 8 miles for the first time since Jan 21!

Add to that the end of Little Man’s academic extra-curricular, him quitting basketball, and Hubby being on spring break this week, I expect things to just keep getting better.

And really, THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT! because holy crap did life SUCK there for a while.

My head has been above water for over a week now, and I feel like there is actual HOPE!