Day 522 – A quick update

Well, I survived the end of the fall semester! I even went out with a bang! The last Monday and Tuesday of school, I had 6th and 7th science doing back-to-back labs (6th was a chemistry lab & 7th was extracting DNA from Strawberries), and on Monday, that science lab craziness was immediately followed by a literature circle meeting involving 5th-7th grade discussing 6 different novels. Both afternoons, I felt like a crazed headless chicken trying to ensure no fires broke out, but it all totally worked! The kids had a great time, and we all kept busy enough that both days passed VERY quickly.

I’ve been enjoying a break from tracking, and my weight-loss has been relegated to the very back corners of my mind. I’ve still managed to mostly maintain my weight, and I’m still weighing in every Friday. In fact, I weighed in at 155.5 this morning – though I didn’t take a picture of it, because of that whole “It’s not the focus of my life right now” thing. Last week, I was 153, and I know this week’s gain was a direct result of obscene amounts of cookies, candy, and our giant faculty holiday meal on Wednesday. I’m reigning it back in and hope to see my weight back under 155 by next week.

I know my consistent running has helped me maintain my weight. I’ve run 4 days almost every week, and I’m consistently seeing a pace between 10 and 11 min/mile! I really want to see that drop by about 30 seconds, so that I’m frequently running faster than 10 min/miles. I want to finish my April HM in 2hr 10 min. That’s a big stretch, but it’s really driving me to keep running! Even if I miss the goal, I know the work I put into training will make me a better runner.

I’ve also had some exciting teaching news in the last couple weeks. It’s kind of a long story, but the short version is that I’ve gotten permission to attend the National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) National Convention in St. Louis next November!!! (I’ve requested this before & been denied). The reason for the different response this year…

I’m working with a local professor to do some really cool stuff in my classroom this spring, and we’re submitting a proposal to present at NCTE (who knows if it will be accepted, or not).

Happy Holidays! I’ll be returning to a more regular posting schedule with the start of the new year, when I’ll also return to tracking every bite, every day.


Day 502 – Weighing in


Whew, I was worried I’d still be over 155.

Getting my sugar consumption under control helped all of my eating fall back in line (and it made me feel better, too – CRAZINESS!). Since I’ve committed to my break from tracking being conditional upon my weight remaining under 155 (I want to take a break – not return to old habits, weights, and clothes sizes!), I’m thrilled that this brought my weight back down a bit. I’m still too close to 155 for comfort, so I’m being careful what I choose to eat. Though I’m also really enjoying not having to track every bite.

I know I can’t live this way forever (eventually my healthy habits would erode and the weight would creep back up), but it’s nice to take a break. My hope is that I’ll be feeling refreshed and inspired when I really get back to it in January. I’ll be starting my training plan for my April half marathon then, as well. So there will be increased incentives to eat well!

My running pace has really picked up this fall. Even when I don’t look at my watch and just take it easy, I’m usually under an 11 min mile. If I put in any effort at all, I find my pace closer to a 10 minute mile, and I can go faster than that for 6-8 miles if I’m going for a hard and fast run!

I’m semi-secretly thinking I’d love finish my next HM somewhere around 2:10 (10 min/mile pace). At the very least, I’m really enjoying the reduced running time while still maintaining my mileage! I average about 20 miles/week, and that used to mean about 230┬áminutes/week (almost 4 hours). Now that same 20 miles only takes me a little more than 210 minutes (about 3.5 hrs)!