Day 431 – First week back on-track

Bad news: I ate pizza last night – like, real pizza from Pizza Hut!

Good news: It was yummy!

Bad news: I went into the red and broke my green streak.

Good news: I only totaled 1750 calories, so not bad for having pizza for dinner.

REALLY Good News!: I lost 3.7 pounds this week!!!!!


I think this might be my lowest official weigh-in, yet!! It makes for a total loss of 78.6 lbs!

I really think resetting everything last weekend was exactly what I needed. Sending my child to a sitter 2 days/week is also proving to be a happy decision. The combination of consistently healthy eating with a return to a regular running schedule made for a lower stress week and a lower weight come Friday.

I plan to get back in the green today, and I’m excited to see the scale next week!!

In other news, I learned an important life lesson, yesterday: “Don’t snack on prunes in the morning if you know you have limited opportunities to use the restroom throughout the day.”

My mother also came into town last night, and she’s now down almost 50 lbs, herself! She looks amazing, and I can tell she feels good about it. I love getting to chat with her about the weight-loss process.


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