Day 424 – Forgetting my birthday

Last Saturday, I spent about 4 hours at school, planning for this week. Since then, nothing has gone according to those plan – starting with me getting sick Sunday night. Thankfully, not all of it has been bad stuff! There’s actually been quite a few really awesome surprises and things that worked out better than I had planned for. But every time something happens, I adjust my “plan” around it. This week, that has meant I’ve felt scrambled, stressed, and always like I’m hanging on by my fingernails (Have I mentioned that I really like plans and struggle with change? My principal actually warns me before fire drills, because she knows how much it upsets me to have a lesson unexpectedly interrupted – she learned that my first year here when I was all dressed up as Gregor Mendel and conducting class in character, and she pulled the alarm… I FREAKED!  and had to stand outside in front of the whole school dressed as an Austrian monk.)

Anyway, in all of the choas, I’ve rarely known what day of the week it is, let alone the date! So when Hubby asked me if I wanted to do anything Thursday night, I was horribly confused by the question. After he got done laughing at me, he pointed out that it’s my birthday (and that he should get bonus points for remembering it, even though I forgot)! What’s even more awesome is everything people at school did for me. My 7th graders sang to me during homeroom; my 6th graders sang to me before lunch; the 5th grade teacher gave me some wildflowers; and our 1st grade teacher gave me a small plant! After school, I went for a beautiful 5 mile run in my new Brooks running shoes before Hubby and Little Man took me out for Mexican food and ice cream!


After wearing Asics since Christmas, I wanted to change it up. I’d like to have 2 different go-to shoe models to alternate between, since I’ve read that I’m more likely to get blisters and have foot trouble if my feet are always pounding the pavement in the exact same shoe. I wore Brooks Ghost in college, but now I decided to try the newer Launch 3. They are much lighter than my Asics, but still really comfy. So far, I like them!

Unfortunately, that meant I had to weigh-in this morning, after eating Mexican food and ice cream!


Don’t panic! This is after a night of the abnormal eating! It’s not as bad as it looks, and I have the numbers to prove it!

This morning made me REALLY glad I’ve been weighing daily and tracking my average in addition to my weekly weight.


I often have plans Thursday night, so Friday morning tends to be my highest weight of the week. See how my weekly weight looks like it’s going up, but my average is actually much more stable!

Focusing on staying on-track with my eating this week meant that most of my weigh-ins were between 154 and 155 all week. The scale jumped this morning, because of last night’s choices. I enjoyed myself last night. It was a special occasion, and I celebrated it with about 2800 calories of my favorite foods. I’m not going to feel bad about, or avoid, celebrating my birthday just because it happened to fall on a Thursday night! I really want to get right back on-track, and I intend to continue posting it nightly. That helped me a lot this past week! Hopefully, next week week it will show on the scale – even on Friday!


6 thoughts on “Day 424 – Forgetting my birthday

  1. Hi! HappynBirthday! sounds like you had a great day! Do you figure out your 7 day average yourself each day or is their a part of MFP that does that?
    I was happy to weigh the same as last week’s low so the weight is very slowly coming off!m
    Hurray for cooler weather!

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  2. Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed your day:) I try not to eat heavily ladened sodium dishes on Wednesday nights since my weigh in is on Thursday mornings. Even though I know it’s not really fat gain, I don’t like it messing up my weigh ins:)

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