Day 364 – Updated pics

I’ve got 2 days being solidly on-track, now. My husband’s been gone for a conference, so it’s just been myself and Little Man. It means I did a mile on the treadmill this morning instead of outside, but I’ve also been able to get a really nice routine going. I know I’ll be able to keep it up through Tuesday and Wednesday, but then we leave for Ohio on Thursday. I’ll probably be ok then, but Friday-Monday…well…I may end up calling this the summer of maintenance.

Day 363Day 364

I also took some new pictures today! Of course, I couldn’t find my black tank top, so I wore my gray one. It doesn’t show up as well in the pics. I’m also wearing shorts this time, because you know, it’s 90 degrees out!

365 day comparison

Maybe I’ll retake these pics. We’ll see. I do like the reminder that the first 3 pictures I wore a size 18, the next picture is a 16, the 3 after that are a 12, and those shorts are a size 10!




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