Day 360 – Do not panic

My husband mentors a kid (middle school) in our community. Tomorrow, we’re taking him with us on a day trip to DC. Since we’ll be leaving at dawn (literally!), we invited him to spend the night at our house tonight. He gets along with our son really well, and both boys are VERY excited about their “sleepover.” We decided to make it extra special by ordering pizza and making ice cream sundaes. This has been planned for over a week, so I’m okay with the choices I’m making. I’m even posting this before I actually eat dinner, but I know that this is what I’ll eat. Tomorrow will be another high calorie day, as we eat out for lunch and dinner. I’m going to try and reign it in tomorrow, plus we’ll be spending the whole day walking around. I figure tomorrow will be a bit more balanced, though I’m sure I’ll still go over.

Day 360

Yep, this is for real. It’s intentional, planned, and I’m okay with it.


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