Day 356 – 10 miles!

I was scheduled to run 10 miles on June 19, but my knee was hurting. 10 miles turned into 3.1 followed by a grueling 3.1 mile walk back to the car and 4 days of rest. Roller blading caused it to “pop” several times, and it magically felt a million times better. I started strength training to better support it and have been getting back to the running. Today, I decided it was time to try for 10 miles again.

I did it!!


Check out my 10:43 pace!! I felt great today!

This came with such a great runner’s high! I got out early to run my “local” (45 min away) rail trail. Shortly after 9 am, I found myself feeling strong, powerful, accomplished, and generally awesome. As I sat down to stretch a bit before driving home, I had one of those really emotional post-run moments when I felt overwhelming appreciation for…well…everything.

I love the views from the trail head. I can’t help but feel like a very small part of something so much bigger when I look out and see the mountains.

My eating has been totally on track today – of course, since I’m burned over 1200 calories running, I can’t imagine over-eating 😉

Day 356

Hopefully, this will be the first of a whole streak of green days!


7 thoughts on “Day 356 – 10 miles!

  1. Hi! I’ve been following since (nearly) the beginning and I just wanted you to know how freakin’ inspirational you are – I am buoyed by your success! Keep it up!

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    • Thanks! Some days I feel like things are good, and some days I feel like it’s day 1 over and over again. I guess that’s kind of how life goes, though.


      • I could be totally wrong here, but i’ve noticed over the last few weeks that you seem especially hard on yourself. If you compare the days that feel bad now to your best days a year ago, I bet you’ll see that your standards for bad have changed dramatically. You have a ton to be proud of! I read something in the comments on Runs for Cookies that really stuck with me: “Try to think of the struggle as evidence of your continual effort to overcome your problems, rather than evidence of your failure.”
        I hope that helps 🙂

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