Day 334 – StL Recap, 30 min 5k, and weighing in

I have SO much to share today! I’m finally unpacked; laundry is done; summer school is prepped; and I have a chance to post! Our vacation was AWESOME! I really needed the week to destress and relax. I kept up my running the whole time, and I tracked everything I ate. I did gain 2.5-ish pounds, but I’m not getting worked up about it. We stayed with friends in the town where my hubby and I grew up, so there was no schedule or pressure to do or see anything. We attended a wedding, spent afternoons by the pool, enjoyed hiking at a local state park, and made the last minute decision to take Little Man up in the Arch.


This is the house I grew up in. My parents moved a LONG time ago, but it was nice to drive past and see it again. The pine trees in this picture are ones I planted in 1995. They were just little twigs back then!


Elephant Rocks is one of our favorite state parks! Little Man loved getting to play on the giant pieces of granite.


Laclede’s Landing is one of my favorite parts of St. Louis. I love the cobblestone streets and stone bridges.


My son thinks it’s awesome that the arch is known as “The Gateway to the West!” He was beside himself when we told him we’d take him up in it!


Little Man’s been watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory recently. We described the tram ride to the top of the arch as a “Wonkivator,” and he LOVED it!


This is the Mississippi as viewed from the arch. I’m always amazed by the giant barges that use the river.


Here’s the city, as seen from the arch.


I was sad when they tore down the old Busch Stadium, but I must admit the new one looks nice!

42 Scale June 17 161.2 lbs

I’m okay with this gain. I’m determined to make it disappear and get back to the 150’s as quickly as possible, but I enjoyed my vacation.

30 min 5k June 18

After a whole lotta work, I DID IT!!!! Check it out; I ran a 5k in under 30 minutes! I’m SO proud of this it’s a bit embarrassing.


Day 328 – To eat, or not to eat

I’m finding that eating on vacation is a challenging series of food choices. I want to splurge and enjoy, but keep it reasonable enough that I don’t come back weighing more than I did when I left (or at least much more, anyway). But where is that line? How much splurging is too much?

Yesterday, I had a yummy milkshake from Steak ‘n Shake (one of my favorites!). I got a regular size, and I finished it. When I was done, I felt ill and realized I should have gotten a kid’s size. We’re also having ice cream sundae’s/strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight. Since I had bagels (yep, I ate 1.5 – not just one) with cream cheese from Panera for lunch today, I’m already over for the day. I’m not terribly over, but I feel like much more would quickly turn splurging into excessive eating. But I would love to make a big sundae, though I suspect it would make me feel even more ill than I felt after yesterday’s milkshake.

Day 328

This is what my day looks like if I eat strawberries & whipped cream.

So far this week, I’ve been pretty happy with my choices. We made it across three states, have eaten out appx. 6 times, and have¬†joined friends for every meal since Thursday. I am proud to say that I’ve been very happy with almost all of my choices! (The milkshake was a lesson learned – I’ll be ordering a child size of stuff like that for any future indulgences.)

Vacay fri sat sun

See? So far, so good! I’ve even been running every day!

So now I have to decide if I want to go for the ice cream, or stick with my strawberries and whipped cream. Ugh, I hate decisions like this. It’s so much easier when I’m in control of my food ahead of time and don’t have to constantly make these choices.


Day 327 – Lost and Found

So I was planning to do my 9 mile run today. I was excited to try running in a new park and had my route all mapped out.

Then I got out and started running. It was supposed to be a 14.5 mile loop that I was going to run out (4.5 mi) and back on for my 9 miles. When I hit 4 miles, I ran out of trail! WTF, right! I found myself smack in the middle of a big parking lot, and no matter how hard I looked, there was no more trail. I have no idea what happened, but I decided to roll (or run) with it and just do a few laps around the parking lot before heading back.

I had been very aware that the whole way out was down hill, and I was dreading running the whole way back uphill. When I left the parking lot, I found myself running down hill. I started to freak that I was going the wrong way. I just had no idea where I was and ended up back-tracking a bit. What I was seeing on the trail just totally did not match the trail map! Finally a cyclist passed and was able to help me out.

I did find my way back to my car, but it didn’t end up being a 9 miler; it ended up being 9.66!!! I was SOOO DONE by the end, but I did it!Run June 11

Day 325 – A quick check-in

It’s been a bit, so I have lots to share. I’m happy to be done with school and have my classroom closed down. We’re heading off on vacation today, so I weighed-in this morning, even though it’s only Thursday. I’ll weigh-in (and post) again next Friday, since¬†I’m not sure if I’ll have an opportunity to do so between now and then.

40 Scale June 3 161.8 lbs

Last week, I was up about a pound. I wasn’t too concerned about it, but I also knew I wanted this week to be better.

41 Scale June 9 158.7 lbs

I really focused on making sure I accurately weighed and measured everything this week and was VERY excited to see my first weight in the 150’s today!

Day 315-325

There is a difference in my calorie consumption between last week and this week, but I don’t think it fully accounts for the weight difference. I had gotten a bit too “loosey goosey” with my portions.

HM Training June 8

Half Marathon training is going well. I’ve been really excited about my improvements with speed! I’m able to relax, zone out, and not lose my breath at all while keeping a 12:30-ish pace most of the time. When I did my speed intervals on Tuesday, all of my quarter mile intervals were at a pace faster than a 9 minute mile!!

By the time I get back, next week, I’ll have run in an additional 2 states! I’m hoping that I’ll still be in the 150’s when I get home, too. I’m planning to focus on not snacking between meals, and keeping portions appropriate in size. As long as I don’t gain weight while we’re traveling, I’ll be happy.

Day 318 – The end of the year

Tonight was our 7th grade promotion. They’ve been with us since kindergarten, and will move up to the high school next fall.Then we held the last dance of the year. It’s always one of those moments when I realize that I love my job.

Unfortunately, I ate WAY too many cookies at the dance, so heaven only knows what the scale will say tomorrow.

Day 318

I was doing great until I stood behind the food table while chaperoning the dance.