Day 315 – 5K PR

Well, my grandmother is hanging in there. She certainly becoming more and more confused, but she’s at an age when that is to be expected. I had fun going out to lunch with her Sunday. We indulged in ice cream (she LOVES getting sundaes, so I always take her out for one). Since I had run 7.5 miles Sunday morning. I was able to fit my sundae into my day without going too far overboard. I ended Sunday just about 300 calories over my MFP allotment.

My run Sunday morning was awesome! I don’t know who thought up the rails to trails idea, but they are a genius!

Running next to the river and along a nice flat trail was blissful!

May 29 Run

This run felt good! I was really proud of myself!

Then, today, I ran a 5k. I really wanted to PR my 5k time and see how close to 30 minutes I could get.

30 min 5k May 30

Apparently, I get within 10 seconds of a 30 minute 5K!!!

I was SO excited about this. I can honestly say, this is absolutely the hardest I could run today. I gave it everything I had, and I’m amazed that I came this close to 30 minutes!

We grilled burgers for dinner tonight, and I enjoyed it while keeping things under control.Day 315


Day 313 – Breaking through a plateau

Yipee! I dropped 3.5 lbs! This appears to be the way it goes for me; I’ll have a couple weeks of struggling and losing very little, then I’ll have a big loss. I’m going to take and be happy!

39 Scale May 27 160.3 lbs

If nothing else, I’ve learned when to just ignore the scale and keep doing what I know I need to do. It may not pay off right away, but eventually, the scale always drops.

I did make it to my grandmother’s for the weekend, though upon arrival, I found that my sister had locked me out! Luckily for her continued existence, she’s currently 2 states away visiting out parents. My grandmother lives in a personal care home. My sister is currently living in, and caring for, her house. We all stay here when we’re in town visiting her, and we all have keys. Unfortunately, there are 3 doors, since the bottom level is a store front. There’s the store door, the warehouse door, and the front door. I have a warehouse key, but my sister had locked the door between the warehouse and the stairs up to the house. Since we never lock this door (because THERE IS NO KEY!), I was shocked and dismayed to find myself and my stuff standing in the warehouse unable to get into the house at 11pm last night. Thankfully, my uncle had a key and came and let me in through the front door, so it all turned out well in the end.

Now I’m off to go explore a new running trail before spending the afternoon with g-ma. Happy weekend!

Day 308 – Another good day

Yesterday was a decent day. It wasn’t awesome, but it wasn’t bad.

Today was even better!

Day 311

It’s all green today!

I also attempted to PR my 5k time. I did not succeed in this endeavor, but I’m still really happy with how my run went! I got stuck going over the mountain that divides our county on a school bus with the whole school this afternoon (LITERALLY – we piled the whole school onto 3 buses and drove to the high school). This meant I didn’t drink my normal amount of water this afternoon. Add to that my rush to run, since Hubby had a meeting, and I didn’t have time to drink much water when I got home either.

I think lack of hydration is what caused me to get a stitch in my side around the 2 mile mark. I ended up stopping to walk and stretch it out at 2.1 miles, but at that point I’d only been running for 20:57. That’s right, I kept a sub-10 min/mile pace for jut over TWO MILES!!!! WHOO HOOO!

After I walked and stretched, I finished my last mile in 11:37. I was really pleased with the whole thing. I feel like I totally could have done the full 5k in something very close to 30 minutes if I’d been properly watered. I may try it again sometime in the next couple weeks. We’ll see how I feel.

I weigh in tomorrow morning, then I’m off to spend the weekend with my grandmother. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be able to post, but if I don’t get it up tomorrow, I’ll post it on Saturday. It also means I’ll be trying out another new trail this weekend!

Happy almost Friday!

Day 309 – A really good run!

I saw the sun today! It feels like it’s been raining forever (including this morning), so when I saw the sun this afternoon I got all excited. Unfortunately, Hubby was working on school work with the kid he mentors, so I couldn’t go run. I made dinner; I folded some laundry; I hung out with my son.  By the time my husband got home, I was ready to run!

The sun was just starting to dip behind the mountains, so the temps were dropping, and it was beautiful! I was able to completely settle into the run and just day dream. I lost track of the beeps on my watch and ended up doing 5 miles instead of 4 – it was AWESOME!

I think I really needed a good day like today!

Day 309

It’s been a great day – all the way around!

Day 308 – Secret eating & embarrassing trash

I’ve been struggling with my eating recently. It hasn’t been out of control, and I’ve often been winning the battles, but it’s been tough. Today, I’m sorry to say, was the worst day, yet. This is not to say I consumed an insane amount of food (I only ate a little over 1600 calories). Today was bad because I did something I haven’t done since I started this journey – I ate in secret! This is a big, bad, no-no for me. I used to do this a lot. In fact, I would look forward to times when no one would be around, so that I could eat.

It always starts with a craving. I decide that I really want a specific and high fat, high sugar food (tonight it was Entenmann’s Little Bites muffins left over from my treats for kids during testing). I usually, eat an appropriate portion in front of people (1 bag, tonight) then I wait with bated breath until I can stuff myself full of an absurd quantity. Since my husband had to sell concessions at a ball game tonight, I knew that opportunity was coming. It was SO hard to wait for him to leave, and I felt SO guilty about it. I didn’t want to eat more muffins, but I also REALLY wanted to.

Once he left, I gave one bag to my son. I had promised him that he could have some for a treat tonight, and I knew if I didn’t give them to him right then, I’d eat them all! Then I opened all 3 other bags – at once. I hated myself even as I did it. I knew it wasn’t what I wanted, and I’ve proven that I’m better than that, and I deserve better than that.

So I shoved one muffin in my mouth, emptied the rest of the open bags into the trash (while chewing), and cleaned all of our old shoes out of the mud room by putting them in the trash on top of the muffins.

Then I realized my son was staring at me.

“Why did you throw away all the other muffins, Mom? If you didn’t, were they going to be bad by tomorrow?”

“Yep, that sounds like a great reason for me to throw them all away. Let’s go with that!”

Thankfully, he accepted that, and Hubby was excited to see I had cleaned out the mud room. I’m hoping this was a passing thing, and now that I’ve decided NOT TO DO THAT anymore, maybe it will get a bit easier again? If nothing else, I’ve proven that I can, and will, throw food away before consuming it against my will. (It seems really strange to write about eating against my will, but it’s the only way I can describe the internal conflict of want to eat it, while really NOT wanting to eat it.)

I’m now done for today – other than drinking more water. I’m not even walking into the kitchen again until it’s time to make my oats and head to bed. When looking at the big picture, today should probably count as a win – it was just rough.

Day 308

Not great, but it could have been so much worse!

Day 307 – 7 mile stretch

I ran 7 miles today! Seriously, S-E-V-E-N miles! And I didn’t die! In fact, I kinda liked it (Well, the first and last miles sucked, but the middle 5 were pretty awesome).

May 22 first 7mi run

12 min miles felt good, and my pace was steady since there were basically no hills.

My run today was really excited for a couple reasons. First, of course, was the distance. That wasn’t all, though. My road includes a 2.5 mile stretch in front of my house that I consider “runnable.” It still includes the “Hill of Doom” and the “Buttcrack Hill,” but it’s doable. With out & back routes, it’s pretty easy to hit 5 miles, and I can repeat a comfortable stretch to make 6 miles. If I want to do more than 6 miles on my road, I either have to repeat a chunk of road more than twice (with out and backs, this actually means covering the same ground 6 times!) or I have to climb the “Hill of Doom” more than once. Both of those options suck. That’s part of the reason for me sticking with 6-6.5 miles as my longest distance for sooo long.

I knew today was coming, though, so I’ve been researching options. In the end, it was my beloved husband who found my solution! There’s a rails-to-trails 10 mile long trail about 45 minutes away. Since the grocery store is also 45 minutes away, and there is a Walmart just about 5 minutes from the trail, this drive is not a big deal and can be combined with the weekly shopping I do, anyway.

The trail follows alongside a river, is surfaced with crushed gravel, and is beautiful! Next weekend, I’m planning to take my phone with me and get pictures. It was really nice to see different scenery. Going out the full 1/2 distance with only my feet to get me back to my truck was also great motivation to keep going and finish out the full 7 miles. 😉

When my run was done, I sat in the grass to stretch. I looked up and saw the mountains meeting a blue sky patched with blooming storm clouds and had one of those profound moments of realizing just how good life is sometimes. (Sometimes I think these moments are endorphin induced, but I don’t care.)

Then I did a quick change of clothes and fought my way through Walmart. I did notice people giving me space, which was nice, though I suspect it might have been because I smelled. 🙂

Day 307

It’s hard to go off track when you earn an extra 800 calories from running! Hopefully, tomorrow will be green, too.


Day 306 – Working through the tough choices

Sometimes, healthy choices start to feel natural and easy to me. I love these moments, and they come more and more often. Today has not been one of those time. Today has been a day of wanting to eat. I know that times of change and transition are hard for me. Getting back to healthy after a few days off track is also hard for me. Right now I’m dealing with both. The school year is ending (just 8.5 days left!) and I’m nervous about summer. I’ve managed to keep a pretty good routine during the school year.

That will all go out the window as we travel, go on day trips, and spend time just hanging out (which is code for me, sitting at home bored, and usually eating). I love my summer time with my family. We do a lot of fun stuff and make great memories. This year we’ll be going to DC, Pittsburgh, Cedar Point (in Ohio), St. Louis, and Louisville. We also have a camping trip planned, and I’ll be teaching summer school in addition to at least one major canoe trip down a local river and our frequent fishing expeditions (these rarely end with us catching fish, but often end with us fishing Little Man out of the lake – it’s always a good time).

I’m committed to sticking with my tracking and making healthy choices, and I’m committed to hitting my goal weight. I don’t know, or care, WHEN I’ll hit goal, but by golly, I WILL see 132!

I’m not necessary going through all of this because I want to share my summer plans, as much as I need to see it in writing and remind myself RIGHT NOW why I’m not going to go eat more – because I really want to eat more. It would be easy to get up and get what I want (which is nonspecific, but sweet), but I also know that choices is what I would have made at 230+ lbs. Tonight it’s hard, and it sucks, but I’m making the healthy choice to drink my water, make myself a cup of tea and STOP eating.

Day 306

I went over today, but not terribly so. I think I really need to have a few green days in a row. I’m just not sure exactly how to make that happen. Simply trying to restrict myself usually backfires. I have the most success when I find a way to approach it sideways.

Day 305 – Um, PMS much?!

Today is a good news/bad news situation. I was shocked to step on the scale this morning and see this:

38 Scale May 20 163.8 lbs

I didn’t gain ANYTHING!! I’m shocked and pleased to have just maintained last week!

Of course, then I went to school and proceeded to eat every bite of food I could find in my classroom. It was seriously scary.

Day 305

See? S-C-A-R-Y, scary!

Then I went off on one kid (he was being rude to the point that I actually interrupted his classmates yelling at him to yell at him myself). I also kicked 2 kids out of class – one for acting like a idiot and trying to use dry erase marker on another’s head, and the other attempted to lie to me while declining to do any work. I’m not a perfect teacher, by any means, but I’m usually better at handling my class than this (They are middle schoolers and stupid stuff like this seems like a good idea to them on a regular basis). Anyway, after kicking the second kid out of class, I looked at the calendar and realized WHY I was being such a meanie while eating obscene amounts. (should note that I touched base with all my kids, apologized when I felt it appropriate and made sure they were good before they left for the day.)

Then I cleaned out any remaining food in my classroom (by this point it was just a jar of olives in my mini-fridge) before going home to enjoy my 3 mile run. Today kinda sucked, but I’m sticking with it. Starting over again is always hard, and I know tomorrow will be better. I was happy with the choices I made later in the day (dinner & evening snacks/beverages),. I keep telling myself that the only way to lost this game of healthy living is to quit – anything and everything else is a win.

Day 304 – Starting again & new pics

Today felt like day 1 all over again. The past week or so has been so out of sorts, it’s been crazy. I finally feel like, as of today, things are back to a point where I can get back to focusing on what works for me. Today, I’ve been able to do that.

Day 304

See – it’s all green today!

I know that I’ll gain weight tomorrow, but I’m totally okay with that. I know that I’m already back on track, and I don’t think it will be a big gain. It’s part of life; it happens; I’m not going to let it bother me.

300 Day Comparison

I’ve really only lost about 7 lbs since my last pictures, but I think my body has actually changed quite a bit! My butt and boobs are shrinking! (I’m completely okay with both – I despised carrying around my “D”s – especially while running!)

I did go for another nice run, this afternoon. I did a sunny 5.2 miles. Since it’s the first day it hasn’t rained in more than 2 weeks, it was a nice change of weather. When I got home, I realized my front yard has blossomed into a yard full of buttercups!

Buttercup Yard2

It’s a very yellow yard!

It’s been a good day, and that feels great!

Day 304 – Catching Up

37 Scale May 13 163.8 lbs

I did weigh in last Friday, May 13, and I was down 0.9 lbs!

I was really happy to see that! Throughout all of this end-of-the-year craziness, I’ve kept logging everything and running 5 days each week. It paid off last Friday.

Then I went to my last watershed professional development weekend, on the Eastern Shore! It was AWESOME! I was planning to post my weigh-in and share my weekend, but there was no internet available where we were. I ate more than usual over the weekend, but I made choices I was proud of, I kept up my running, and with all the hiking and kayaking we did, I was happy with how the weekend went.

I got home late Sunday night, and crashed pretty much immediately, only to wake up Monday morning and go straight into testing with my 7th graders. This meant sitting in a room with kids taking a test that I know will challenge them, but that they are totally ready for. I couldn’t do anything to help or support them, I wasn’t allowed to read or grade papers, I just had to sit there. I also had candy for the kids to much on while they tested, so of course, while I sat there I ate candy. Then I ate more candy, while I worried, and hoped, and silently encouraged.

Monday was a rest day from running, and it was raining. I think I was 100% sedentary. Put that on top of the candy, and I can honestly say, I wasn’t feeling very good.

Then came Tuesday. It was the exact same as Monday, except with 6th grade, and one student didn’t finish testing until 5pm (I stayed after school with her to finish, and our principal gave her a ride home). I was supposed to run 4 miles, but I didn’t. I felt sick from all of the candy eating, stressed about testing, relief about being done, anxious to get results, and running just didn’t happen.

Thankfully, I woke up feeling MUCH better on Wednesday, and I ran my 4 miles at 6am! Wednesday put me back in the classroom in something that resembled a normal routine, so things were better – until I met my teacher’s writing group for our final meeting of the year. We met at a Mexican restaurant, and I ate myself stupid. I actually woke up feeling ill in the middle of the night, and I think it was because the candy and Mexican just all caught up with me.

The nice thing is – it’s done. I still have a little over 2 weeks of school, but testing is done. At this point we’re finishing stuff up, cleaning the room, and enjoying each other’s company. So now it’s time to get back to a healthy routine at home. This starts right here on this blog. A quick daily post sharing my final calorie count of the day has really helped me make good choices. I also need to get back to drinking my water. Right now, that’s what I’m focusing on – posting daily and drinking water. I know that everything else will come with it.

I hope everyone’s having a great May!