Day 240 – Less than 10 min & too many calories

Yeah, I’m not going to lose this week. Then I’ll go to my watershed PD weekend and maybe even gain a bit. I’m letting it go for now.

I also didn’t run Sun, Mon, or Tues. That’s bad, but not the end of the world.

I just need a break.

So I’m taking one. It doesn’t matter when I hit my goal weight – only that I do. Honestly, my rules even remain the same:

  1. Track EVERYTHING!

Yep, that’s it. That’s been my only hard and fast rule through this whole thing, and it remains the same. That’s been my ticket to losing, and I expect to keep it when it comes time to maintain.

Day 240 week

Every piece of birthday cake has been accounted for.

There is a BIG difference between “giving up” and “taking a break.” There are some lines I’m not willing to cross.

  • I’ve taken more than 3 rest days without running, and yesterday was number 3. So today, I got out their and hit a 9:48 mile! I should do a quick mile tomorrow, but looking at the schedule I know that it’s not guaranteed to happen. I WILL run on Saturday. I’ll be at a state park for my Watershed PD, and I’m really excited to run somewhere new! Hopefully I’ll remember to take my phone, so that I can take pics.
  • I will continue to track everything! Simply being aware of what and how much I’m eating goes a long way toward keeping me maintaining or losing instead of gaining – and gaining is NOT okay.
  • I want to keep working on my water intake. I really have a hard time drinking a full 64 oz of water (and that’s even counting my 16 oz coffee as “water”). I know this makes a HUGE difference for me, so I want to focus on it more.

I’m certainly not done losing weight, but maintaining here in the 175 lbs range wouldn’t be bad for a while. I figure I’ll go back to loosing sometime between now and June (when school ends). 😉


3 thoughts on “Day 240 – Less than 10 min & too many calories

  1. I’m sorry I missed this the other day, but as I look at what you wrote above, and now knowing what I know you did this weekend… well, simply fabulous! Do you ever go back and re-read your posts and see how you re-commit yourself to your goals? You’re amazing and doing so well! And yes, it’s okay to maintain or plateau at a particular weight for just a little bit… that’s just your body resetting itself!! (well, that’s my story anyway) 😉

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    • Since I’m expecting it to take me well over a year to reach my goal weight, and I know that success will be followed by a life-long commitment to maintenance, I’m really trying to remember that this journey is more like a marathon than a sprint. Sometimes, I’ll need to walk, and occasionally a pause to stretch out the kinks is totally acceptable. I just can’t leave the course. 🙂

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