Day 255 – 5k PR and a cold

Last night was crazy busy, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to run tonight, so I squeezed in 4.25 miles anyway. Apparently, being in a hurry makes me run faster, because I ran a 5k in 33 minutes!!!! I was so excited that I decided to stop my watch to save that as a 5k run. Then I restarted my watch to finish my last 1.25 miles.

Run Mar 30 2016

I was shocked by this! If you had asked me if I could run that far, that fast, I’d have said, “NO!” Apparently, I’d have been wrong!

Little Man was kind enough to share his cold with me, so I feel like doody today. It’s the first time I’ve been sick this whole school year, so I can’t really complain too much.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day! It hasn’t been a stellar week, but I’ve been happy with it! I’ve run 18 miles, enjoyed Easter, and kept my sugar fairly reasonable. Until then, I’m going to bed.


Day 253 – Pictures, bread, & back to school

Well, today’s the last day of my spring break. Tomorrow I head back to school for the final 9.5 weeks. I can do this! I have 4 more weeks of hardcore teaching, 2.5 weeks of review, 2 weeks of testing, and 1 week to PAAAR-TAY! Then it’s 3 days of entering grades and cleaning my classroom, and I’m FFFRRREEEEEEEEEE! (Shh, don’t tell the kids that I’m as excited about summer as they are.) 🙂

I used today to do some house work and make Easter Bread! Normally, I make the bread BEFORE Easter, but there just hasn’t been time this year. I was planning to skip it all together, except my dearly beloved 6th graders asked if they could try some. They always hear me talking about my family traditions (which tend to be a bit different from their customs), and a few of them asked if there was anything I’d be willing to bring in to show them – or let them taste. I suspect they just want me to bring food to class, but if it gives me an opportunity to expand their world (even just a bit) I’m a-okay with it! So today, I made Easter Bread.

Easter Bread

Hard to believe this dough turns into two HUGE loaves of bread! (You can also see the dog chillin’ under the kitchen table.)

As promised, I did take an updated picture today. I also created a whole photo page on my site, so if you’re interested in progress pics, you should be able to find them fairly easily.

253 Days smaller

I think these last ten pounds have fallen off my butt. (I usually wear a sports bra in these pics, but in Feb, I wore my usual underwire.)

I’m also starting to realize that I have shoulder bones! My shoulder used to feel round and kind of mushy – now it’s starting to have hard, pokey parts. Even in the new picture, I think you can start to see the joint instead of just a blob (It might just be my imagination, since I can feel the difference, too).

I also made my favorite salmon to pack for lunches the rest of these week, so that will make life both easier and happier. Little Man has developed a pretty gnarly cold, so I decided staying home and keeping it low key was in order before our return to school, tomorrow. That meant, I didn’t run today, but overall, it’s been a pretty good day, anyway.

Day 253

While I did go over my calories a bit, I’m totally okay with eating 1360 on a day I don’t run. I’m also thrilled to say that I kept my sugar under control AND drank all my water!

Day 252 – Overboard

Today got away from me, a bit.

Day 252

Yeah, that a LOT of red! Ooops!

I’ve been both hungry and munchy in addition to suffering massive chocolate cravings. It’s bad. I’m working through it and trying to minimize the damage. Realistically, one day (or even one week) of over-eating (2000-2200 calorie range) is NOT the end of the world. I will survive and conquer this challenge, and the weight loss will go on.

I also realized that I never took or posted my 240 day pics (not sure how that got lost in the shuffle, but… life happens).  Since we’re now half way to the 270 day pic, I’m going to take 253 day pics tomorrow and call it good until day 300.

In other news, I did an exceedingly slow, relaxing, and lovely 3.35 mile recovery run today. I promised Little Man I’d take him to the school parking lot to ride his bike tomorrow, so I might use my time there to attempt some speed work. I don’t feel like I’ve ever actually tried an official speed workout. The treadmill workouts I did mid-winter could be considered a kind of speed work, but I mostly just felt like I was trying to survive winter on the ‘mill. I want to incorporate speed work into my half marathon training, and the plan I’m looking at would have me starting with 12×400’s. After doing the research to figure out what, exactly, that MEANT, I’ve learned that it just means running a quarter of a mile really fast – twelve times. The idea of this kind of work out sounds both fun and scary, so before training gets real, I think it’d be nice to try some fast laps around the school parking lot (which is reasonably close to 1/4 mile). I don’t have a set pace or number of repeats planned, nor can I promise that I’ll be brave enough to actually attempt the run tomorrow. We’ll see how the day unfolds.

Day 251 – 10k plan, 5 mi PR, & mushrooms

I’ve been debating the merits of attempting to run a 10k late this spring/early summer. I knew it’d be nice to add to my schedule, but I wasn’t sure when I’d be ready for a 10k nor was I having tons of luck finding one in my area. So I let it go, for a while.

After spending an obscene amount of time in the car with my in-laws, yesterday, I was itching to get moving! I ran 5.5 miles on Friday and walked a mile on Saturday, but I really wanted to do another long-ish run today – so I did! And it was a new PR for me! In looking at my data on Smashrun, I realized that I’d not done 5 miles prior to this month.

March Runs

Check out how much progress I’ve made this month!

After running each of today’s 5 miles faster than the previous mile and finishing all 5 miles in under an hour (for the first time!), I decided to revisit my 10k options.

I’m glad I did, because there are a few new options listed! It helps that I feel capable of completing a 10k now, so I don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how much more training time I need to be able to cover the distance. I ended up finding 2 race that look good, and I think I’m going to run both of them – YIKES!

The first one is May 7th. That’s during week 1 of the 18 week Hanson’s Half Marathon plan I’m going to use as the basis for my training (and 3 days after the end of Hubby’s school semester). My plan for the 10k is to run it as a baseline. I’ll just aim to finish it, and see what happens.

After that, my school year will start to wind down as my training gets going. The second 10k I found is on June 25 – 7 weeks later or a bit over 1/3 of the way through my half-marathon training. I’m planning to run that race with a goal of PR-ing my time from the May race as a way to see just how effective my training is and get a better feel for what pace I should expect to be able to hit for my half. If nothing else, I think it will be really cool to be able to compare official race times after 7 weeks of training (and it will give me great motivation through the first chunk of training!).

Both races are actually within about an hour’s drive (which is close, since even the grocery store is a 45 minute drive), and they’re each $35 which is totally doable. I’m all signed up for the first race, but I’m holding off registering for the second to see if maybe Hubby will want to join me for it.

Aside from that, today is a wonderfully relaxing day. My in-laws left this morning, and we are just hanging out around the house. After greasy (YUMMY) pizza, wings, and candy last night – and more candy this morning 😦 I decided to make myself a yummy bowl of mushrooms for lunch! Most people feel strongly about them one way or another, so if you aren’t a fan – stop reading now!

If you are a mushroom lover, I’ll say that I enjoying them sauteed with onion and garlic, a bit of parsley, and topped with some fresh-grated Parmesan/Romano cheese.


Mmm, and the whole bowl is just under 200 calories!

Day 249 – 60 lbs and 5.5 miles

30 Scale Mar 25 172.2 lbs

I’ve lost another 2 pounds! Technically, that puts me down 4.7 for the week, but I don’t really agree with that. It is nice to see that my BMI now puts me in the “overweight” category. No more obesity for me!!

I really think that my weigh-in last week (when I was up almost 2 lbs) was a reflection of my mental state more than my eating or exercise habits.

March 2016 weekly comparison

When you look at the 2 weeks, there isn’t much difference in my calorie in-take. I ran less (but I still ran), and the food I was eating was, well, mostly cake and cookies.

From March 11-17, I was feeling really down and not like myself. I know it doesn’t make much scientific sense, but I think it impacted what the scale said. Going out of town on the 18th was exactly what I needed! I think returning to my normal mental state combined getting the sugar under control and returning to my running routine all helped get things back in order. I expect next week I’ll return to my 1-2 pound loss rate.

Since there is no school today, I did my long run. I enjoyed most of my 5.5 miles. It got tough at the end, but mostly because the sun had broken through the clouds making it a bit warm and sticky.

run Mar 25 2016

I call this route “The Butt Crack.” (No, I’m not 12, but I teach kids that age and have GREAT appreciation for their sense of humor!)

I’ve gotten disturbingly comfortable running up the “Hill of Doom,” so I’ve begun going further down the road – and up the second “Hill of Doom!” I won’t go the whole way up the second hill, yet, so the elevation change ends up looking like a butt crack! 🙂

It’s been a good day! Hope you’ve enjoyed yours, as well!

Tomorrow we are going to have family fun (putt, putt golf, laser tag, ski ball, etc) and then we’re going out for PIZZA!!

Day 248 – Empty mouth

I’m not eating while I type this.

I am not hungry; it’s 8:30 at night; I’ve already eating 1450 calories (which is why I’m not hungry). I’ve already had my oats, some blueberries, an apple, some roast with mashed potatoes & corn, and spaghetti with meat sauce & brussel sprouts.

My belly is happy, but my mind is struggling. There are 3 other people in the room, and they are ALL eating. My in-laws are having their nightly peanut butter sandwiches, and Hubby is having dinner since he just got home. I feel left out – not hungry.

For whatever reason, these two emotions seem to confuse me. There is a part of me that firmly believes if there are 2 or more other people in the room eating, I MUST EAT, TOO! This is bologna. My eating habits are completely unrelated to the people around me.

I need to eat healthy food, when I am hungry. It’s okay for me to choose a treat sometimes. Eating a peanut butter sandwich just because the people around me are is as stupid as wasting calories on gross food – and I’ve learned THAT lesson.

Now I’m applying that lesson and typing this instead of eating.

I’m feeling really good about my choices this week! We’ll see what the scale says tomorrow.

Day 248

I went over on calories and sugar, but nothing too crazy. I’m happy with it!

We have a busy day planned for Saturday, so I’m planning to do my long run (5 miles) tomorrow morning.

Day 247 – A new super power

I live in a world of gravelly hills and narrow roads. Because of this, my son has barely learned to ride a bike – even with training wheels. There just aren’t many good places to ride. Every summer I take him up and let him ride around the school parking lot, and that has helped. I always feel bad that he doesn’t get to ride more.

So tonight, after my 3 mile run, I brought him and his bike down to the road. We have a solid tenth of a mile stretch of flat road in front of our house. I let Little Man ride up and down the road while I ran next to him. I had no problems keeping up with him, no matter how fast he rode! It felt SO good to be able to do that with him. He probably rode back and forth 10 or 12 times. He had a blast, and so did I!

Day 247

I don’t know why MFP won’t load my normal “home” screen, but here’s where I’m at today!

Day 246 – The in-laws are coming

Yep, they’ll be here tomorrow. The timing is MUCH better than when they tried to surprise us two weeks ago, so I’m excited to see them! After spending the weekend at the watershed academy, I’m feeling a bit frenzied this week. I’m so thankful Hubby cleaned the house over the weekend, so it hasn’t been bad. I’ve just been busy, and don’t feel like I’ve gotten a break. My in-laws will leave on Sunday, and Hubby has class on Monday and Tuesday. Since my school district follows a back-country, hunting-centric school schedule, my spring break is Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. This means I’ll have Monday and Tuesday to hang out – just me and Little Man! THAT will be my break, and I’m VERY excited about it!

Day 246

At 1477 calories, I did go over for the day. Since that’s still less than 1500 calories, I’m not sweating it. I’m proud to say, it’s another day of keeping my sugar on track.

Day 245 – Sugar is my enemy

29 Scale Mar 21 174.2 lbs

So I managed to lose more than 2.5 lbs from Friday to Monday. This seems suspicious to me, but what do I know.

I do think staying away from sugar is making a BIG difference for me. I’m starting to be willing to admit that sugar might just be my own personal kind of crack. This does NOT mean that I am willing to stop eating sweets altogether! The mere thought of that sends my heart into a fluttering panic and makes me want to run for the nearest store to stock up on sweet junk food. I’m just saying that I’m recognizing that it’s best to limit my day-to-day sugar as much as possible and keep it as a rare and special treat.

I also believe that getting back to my regular running routine helped. During the past week (March 11-17), I only ran a total of 8 miles. From Friday to now, I’m already at more than 10 (I ran 2.4 this afternoon).

I find it hard to believe that running-sugar+catered restaurant food = almost 3 pounds gone in 3 days. Something else has to be involved, but I don’t have the first clue what. I’ve still been terrible about drinking my water (I didn’t like the taste of the tap water on the coast).

Whatever that cause may be, I’m happy with the scale. More importantly, I’ll continue controlling my sugar intake and following my running schedule. We’ll see what happens!

Day 244 – There’s a bug in the system

For the record, today is, in fact, Day 244. I think MFP has a bug.

Day 243

See how it still thinks I only have a 243 day streak? I don’t know what’s up with that. The good news is that, while I’ve gone 135 calories over for the day, my sugar is looking good! I still have 23 g left. In fact, I’ve stayed under 60g of sugar for the last four days now!!! I lowered my sugar goal to 70g, and I want to see how long I can keep from going over that.

I ran another 4 miles this morning, too!

Belle Isle Run

This is the park I was at, and the path shown is my run this morning. The water is a major river (I don’t know why it shows up as two different colors). Since it was raining right up until I started running, I stuck with the roads in the park today. It was awesome, though, because my second out & back led me right to the shore!


The view from the shoreline was beautiful just after sunrise!

I really didn’t have any mileage goal today; I just wanted to go run and enjoy the park. Since I was back on nice, even road, and the ground was level (instead of my usual hills), I was just chilling and enjoying the run. The 4 miles felt easy, and I got to explore most of the park.

I don’t normally step on the scale except on Fridays, but I think I’m going to weigh-in tomorrow morning, just to get a feel for how the weekend of travel (but limited sugar) effected my weight. I’m curious to see if trying to stay away from sugar will be enough to prevent a gain, despite exceeding my calories and eating out/catered food for 3 straight days.

I will be glad to sleep in my own bed again tonight. Getting up for school tomorrow is going to be rough, but it was an amazing weekend!