Day 132 – If you hear hissing, duck!

Day 132

I’m officially back on track!

When I was a child, my dad took me to visit his friend’s turkey farm. I have not enjoyed turkey since. You see, no only are turkeys kept in rather deplorable conditions on a farm, but they are also exceptionally gross animals. The gentleman who owned the farm informed us that he has to ration the turkey’s food lest they overeat. According to him, turkey’s are unable to burb to relieve the gas that builds up in their system. When the gas becomes to much, the farmer informed me, you will hear a slight hissing sound as a warning before the birds insides becomes their outsides. Probably, this is a made up tale the farmer found funny, but my 10 year old mind accepted it as truth. No amount of time, science, or experience can erase the image and fear from my mind.

It’s also a perfect description of how I feel today.

Yesterday, Hubby and I looked around and realized that we had a free babysitter at the house. We decided to take full advantage of it and have a date night. Hubby chose a beautiful, small, local restaurant known for their meat – ribs, steaks, and prime rib. I had prime rib… and cheesy mashed cauliflower, and a dinner roll, and Oysters Rockefeller, and a stuffed artichoke heart, and a glass of wine, and an amazing bit of blueberry butter – seriously, it was A-MAZING!

It was also really nice to have a dinner date with just my husband. We discussed politics, religion, news articles we’ve read recently, and all the other adult things we don’t always have time to talk about. It was a wonderful evening, and I regret NONE of it. Unfortunately, my tummy disagrees. It feels that I ate too much (it might be right).  In any case, today I’m back on track. I have no more desire to eat any more food. Okay, in fairness my mind would love to devour even more delicious treats, but my stomach has decided to take a stand. It will accept no more.

As much as I’m dreading tomorrow, I’ll be glad to get back to my normal routine.


Day 130 – Down 36 lbs; Up 3 pieces of pie

Scale Nov 27 196lbs

I was happy to see this the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Next week will be a challenge, but I know I can do it!

I’m starting to feel more comfortable in the 190 lb range, and I love that my weight starts with a ONE! I was really good last night, and stopped after just 1 piece of pie. Partially, that was because I knew that today would be my high calorie day – so today I ate 3 pieces. Eh, it’s Thanksgiving. No worries – we finished off most of the leftovers today, and I’ve declared the holiday over tonight at midnight.

Day 130

Oh, boy was the pie good! (Thought I suspect it might be better to use my extra calories for something a bit healthier – maybe next week.)

I broke down and upgraded to the myfitnesspal premium. 1360 calories each day is not enough for me long term. Sure I could do that for a week – maybe even a couple weeks, but I would have to restrict my food enough to feel deprived and that always ends in disaster for me. I’d rather continue to lose weight a bit slower, but be able to comfortably keep it up long term. That’s why I aim to stay under 1500 calories each day. I know it sounds silly, but I hate it makes me look like I go over my calories every day. I also don’t like adding my exercise calories to my daily intake. I’m not active enough to need “extra” calories – especially since my daily intake is a smidge higher. The premium version let me fix all of that in the app, and it let me set my goal for 2100 calories for Fridays, since it’s my high calorie day.

Overall, it’s been a very happy Thanksgiving!

Day 129 – A new PR!

Apparently, the fear of failure is great motivator. My training has been somewhere between lax and nonexistent, so I was really, really, really worried about today’s 5K. I was afraid that I would a)not finish, b)not finish in the allotted 60 minutes, c)embarrass myself by doing something dumb like fall down. Last night, I even dreamed that I forgot my bib and was arrested for trying to illegally join the race! (No one can say I don’t have a great imagination.) Thankfully, none of the above happened. In fact, I finished in 38:56! That means I beat my VA Beach 5K time by more than 3 minutes! Holy Guacamole! When you consider that this race was also at 1200 ft (instead of sea level) and had a total climb of 150 ft (instead of 12 ft) with grades as steep as 4%, I’m pretty excited about that time!

As funny as it sounds, having no plan and zero faith in my training made all the difference. I knew the race was going to be roughugly (that’s right, I was so scared I had to make up my own word to describe it), that I decided to just do the best I could. That meant I ran all out for as long as possible, walked just long enough to catch my breath and repeated. About by 3/4 of the way through my legs felt like jello, and my running intervals were down to just a few yards at a time, but I kept going. I ran past a very chipper senior gentleman (because there was no way I was going to finish behind anyone running that happily). I finished the run with my son, who pulled me toward the finish with enthusiasm.

Day 129

I didn’t keep it under 1500, but I wasn’t off by much. Since it’s Thanksgiving, and I ran this morning, I’m happy with this. Of course, if I eat pie… Well, I’ll post an update tomorrow.

Due to the early arrival of family, we ended up having Thanksgiving dinner tonight. That was awesome, since I earned an extra 300+ calories running this morning. Unfortunately, after staying so well within my calories for the day, my husband made pie. It’s in the oven now. I haven’t resolved myself to saying, “NO.” I’m hoping maybe it will turn out terrible or burn or something. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

I hope everyone has/ had a very happy Thanksgiving!


Day 128 – Off the wagon and into my running outfit

Day 128

Yikes! The calories got away from me today.

Well, the bad news is that I ate almost 2000 calories today. I worked in my classroom all morning, then we had planned to make a quick trip into town to test drive a car Hubby’s been looking at and pick up some forgotten groceries. That “quick trip” ended up last SEVEN HOURS! We did end up buying the car, and it will be really nice to have 2 vehicles again. Unfortunately, I was completely unprepared to spend so long out and about. At the 5 hour mark, I was contemplating gnawing on my own arm and our son started licking cars to see how they taste. We ended up going for pizza, and I had an amazingly yummy calzone. I’m not thrilled with the choice, but it’s done. It’s not the end of the world, and I’m moving on to have a better day tomorrow.

Flat Me Turkey Trot 2015

Flat me is super excited and totally ready for tomorrow. Now we just have to get 3D me on board.

In other news, I will be running (or walking) a 5K tomorrow. I’m completely unprepared, and I’m feeling fat today. Deep down, I’m really nervous that I won’t be able to finish. Even after 128 days, I feel like the same over-sized and incapable woman I’ve been for the last few years. I know that it’s not as true as it was, but part of me just expects to wake up one morning and be right back where I was. It’s this same part of me that just kind of expects to fail tomorrow. It’s funny because I’ve completed 3 miles at least once a week every week for the past 12 weeks, and never once has it taken me more than 55 minutes (and usually, I finish under 45 min – even when I walk most of it). I’m not sure what’s up with this gap between what I see in my head and what I know to be reality. To help myself mentally prepare for tomorrow, I tried on my outfit, made sure everything is ready, and will now stop thinking about it.

Turkey Trot 2015 Side

I have to confess that looking at this picture makes me feel a little bit better.


Front Turkey Trot 2015

I may still wear an XL, but I’m determined to change that – one choice at a time!

Day 127 -Time for a break

Day 127

One day at a time. I’m SO looking forward to Thanksgiving.

We have not had school all week, but I’ve been in my classroom for at least 6 hours a day preparing to add 6th grade science to my list of classes. I’m just about done (a bit more laminating and a trek around the nature trail to pick out observation spots and I’ll be good to go) and I’m ready to be take a break from school work. I expect to have everything finished up by midday tomorrow, and I can’t wait!

We’ve postponed our Thanksgiving meal until Friday since my sister will be driving in on Thursday evening. Since Friday is my high calorie day anyway, I’m really excited about this! I suspect I will eat myself stupid on Friday, but I promise I’ll be back on track on Saturday. I firmly believe that we all need a day off now and again, so long as it’s limited to that one day.

Day 126 -3 days till 5k

I’m so not prepared for this run. I think I’m learning that I don’t like running in the winter. I ran in 40 degrees on Saturday and it was miserable. I should have run again today, but I did not. Maybe tomorrow? The weather is supposed to warm up a little by Thursday, so maybe that will make it better. At the very least, I’ll walk it. It will be good exercise before eating myself stupid.

Day 126

I’m really proud to say that I’m still staying under 1500 calories each day!

Day 125 – School work on a Sunday

Day 125

Posting this every day is really helping me stay accountable!

I spent most of the day in my classroom. I started putting together the units of study for 6th grade science and even got the first unit all planned out! I need to create some of the rubrics and supports to go with it, and I want to get the watershed unit planned, but I’m starting to feel almost kind of prepared to take on 6th grade science. I figure that I’ll work tomorrow, Tues, and a couple hours Wed morning. That will still leave me with 4 full day of no school work before going back on Monday. Hubby went to a conference last week, where a speaker talked about how the average American worker spends 2 hours a day socializing and goofing off. My husband laughed at the speaker and said that there must not be any teachers included in the study. I must say, though, I’m so grateful to have a job I love so much!

Day 124 – Food I’m looking forward to

Ahh, Thanksgiving! My family all agrees that turkey is gross, so we eat ham. Of course, we also have cornbread stuffing, jellied cranberry sauce, and sweet potato casserole! This year, I’m making a healthier version of green been casserole. The traditional version is good, but no one’s favorite, so we’re trying something new with the hopes that it may actually be better.

Since none of us have any classes this coming week, we’ll all be home, so Hubby asked me to pick up some healthy munchy snacks. I got olives and gherkins to make a relish tray, along with veggies and dip. Hubby will be making pumpkin pie, but over all, I expect I’ll be able to keep it fairly healthy even through the holiday.

Day 124

I had a great run today, but I still wanted to keep my calories around 1500.

Today has gone well, and I even bought a new pair of pants – in a size 14!! Ok, so they’re still VERY tight, but they go on and button. It won’t be long before they fit beautifully.

Day 123 – Pics, food, and the scale

123 day comparison

I’m always excited to see the difference in my body.

Scale Nov 20 197.6lbs

I’m down 34.4lbs now! I’m also really excited to see my body fat dropping.

Day 123

I’ve decided to make Fridays my high-calorie day. I’ve always taken Friday as a day to chill and eat whatever (within some reason). I’ve been having trouble getting back on track on Sat. I’m hoping that making Friday a formal high calorie day, I’ll better remember that Saturday is NOT a high calorie day.

Day 122 – One more day before a break

Tomorrow is the last day of school before Thanksgiving break! (My school gets a whole week off since it’s hunting season.) I’m looking forward to both the break and having time to plan for 6th grade science.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll weigh in, and I’m really happy with the food choices I’ve made the past few days. Hopefully, it will show on the scale, though I refuse to get too worked up about it one way or another. I expect to post updated photos tomorrow, as well.

Day 122

You can really see the difference when I started posting daily.