A really big, very stupid update

I need to share a bit of background for this update to make sense: In Sept. Hubby started a new job that required a move, but Little Man and I were committed to spending the school year at our old house. This meant we found a new house, got Hubby set up there, and Little Man and I spent the year traveling between the two places each weekend.

While this was not ideal, it really wasn’t bad, and we got into a nice routine.

Until the tenant vacated the home we own in different location (5 hours away), leaving the place DESTROYED! Throughout the months of March and April, we met at that house to work on repairs and renovations to make it livable again (This is actually a much longer story, but I’m trying to keep this poster shorter than a novel!). Traveling between THREE houses REALLY sucked, but we kept our chins up, laughed at each other’s antics and got through it.

May marked the end of the school year, so we spent the month packing up and preparing to move out of the old house. It was a lot, and after the insanity that was March and April, we were exhausted. Again, we kept our chins up and powered through, knowing that we just had to get through it and life would settle down.

We completed the move on June 4.


This was my Facebook post to celebrate being unpacked.

On June 17th I celebrated unpacking the FINAL BOX!! I was SO proud of myself, and we were all SO excited to be settling in. We had done it! We survived everything the spring had thrown at us, and it was time to enjoy the peace that was our reward. We had our vacation coming up; I have a new job in a new school district; and Little Man was excited to see his new school.

Our peace lasted 12 days.

My family spends part of each summer traveling (usually camping) around the country to visit people and places. This year’s trip was scheduled to run June 29-July 10 as we spent time with people at an amusement park, hiked up to Clingman’s Dome in Great Smokey Mountain National Park, spent time at a lake in Arkansas, and enjoyed the 4th with family in Texas, before stopping at my in-law’s house on our way back home.

As we zipped our bags and finished loading our vehicle, Hubby got an email. He read it, paled, sat down, and began swearing. Our landlord was writing to inform us that they’d been displaced from their house and needed to move back into the one in which we were living. They would not be able to renew our lease and were wondering if we could possible vacate early. They were kind, flexible, and apologetic – but it didn’t change the fact that we now have to find a new place to live and complete a move AGAIN!!!

Looking at a calendar and talking through logistics, we realized there was NO WAY we could move in August (between teacher work weeks, starting a new school year, figuring out childcare, and me teaching a new grade level in a new school, it was about 3 steps beyond what we can juggle). Our deadline needed to be my first day of work – July 29.

30 days

And we were literally on our way out the door on vacation

I made calls from the road, and we cut our vacation short, but we had no luck finding a rental home. There just wasn’t enough time. We decided to get an apartment and store our stuff for one year. It will buy us time to find a place we like in the area we want to live. It will also allow us to finish selling (*hopefully!!!*) the house we own.

At this point, I’ve found us a storage unit, have 2 tours scheduled to see places for after-care for Little Man, and we’ve applied for a 2 bedroom apartment. We’re waiting for the application to be approved and are hoping to move stuff to the apartment on July 20 and stuff into storage on the 27th, so we can turn in keys on July 28.

And that will be the end of summer.

I am exhausted, defeated, drained, and ill-prepared to jump into the school year again – let alone at a new school!

I’m hopeful that the small apartment will make all of the home chores a lighter burden (no yard work, simplified bills, less cleaning, etc.)

Hubby is amazing and has agreed to take the lead with Little Man (getting him on the bus, picking him up from aftercare, handling parent-teacher meetings, packing lunches, etc.)

I will put my head down and slog forward, one day at a time.

And eventually, someday, things will get easier again. They have to – right??!??!!


The Struggle is Real!

Remember how I said I was going to try for ONE good week on WW.

Yeah, it didn’t happen – like not even close!

In fact, when I stepped on the scale Monday, it read 171.4 – which is a 1.4lb GAIN.

I’m really questioning if WW is right for me. The points kinda don’t feel “real.” Especially since there are 0 pt foods. It feels like some foods “don’t count.” While that makes sense, in that it’s only the healthy foods that people don’t tend to overeat, it’s doing weird things to me mentally.

I’m sticking with it for now.

On a happier note, I’m thrilled with my workouts!

I’m back to running, and I’ve been strength training, too! Check this out:

  • Mon (6/17) – LIIFT 4 wk2 chest & triceps
  • Tues (6/18) – Ran 5K & LIIFT 4 wk2 back & biceps
  • Wed – rest
  • Thurs (6/20) – Ran 5K & LIIFT 4 wk2 shoulders
  • Fri – rest
  • Sat – 4 mile hike with my family
  • Sun – rest
  • Mon (6/24) 2.5 mile walk/run (This was an epic disaster of an attempt at taking my son to the park to run while he rode his scooter.)
  • Tues (today) Ran 5K & LIIFT 4 wk 3 chest & triceps

I’m kinda hoping the weight might reflect gaining some muscle, but we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ve got this

Today was a happy food day. I nailed it!

Yesterday and Monday were not so great, hence the -13 pts for the week.

Luckily for me, WW lets me “roll over” up to 4 leftover points per day. That means that if I have just 1 day this week that I leave 4 pts uneaten, I’ll achieve my goal of being in the single digits – of course that leaves me NO room to go over my points.

I do feel like today was a good day, though. For now, I’m just celebrating that!

today food log

Big Dreams

The last 2 days have sucked – we’re talking broken-down vehicle while on the way to kayak on the lake, & starting my period – SUCKED. Add in the corresponding PMS, and finding my happy place feels like trying to run a marathon with only one leg… which is something that can, and has, been done so I suppose I can and should find my happy, even if it feels hard today.

This is me reminding myself that sometimes life sucks, but that doesn’t mean it stops – which means there’s no reason for me to give up on my dreams, and the only way to achieve them is to point my toes in the right direction and keeping putting one foot in front of the other.

Where are my toes pointing? you wonder. Well here’s my list of big dreams:

When I’m sitting in my old folks home, I want to be able to remember when…

  • I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail (in segments, over many years, with my son joining me at least part of the time)
  • I ran a WHOLE marathon
  • I ran a trail race more than 25 miles long

That’s really it. It’s only 3 things, but to get there will require many years of many small steps. They require a level of fitness and physical activity well beyond where I’m at right now, and they will require my body to be lighter than it is right now. That’s my motivation to lose the extra weight.

Not to be skinny or fit into certain clothes, but to be able to run and hike long and far without destroying my joints by asking them to carry and extra 30-40 pounds (I always imagine hiking the Appalachian trail with a toddler on my back – NOT a great idea, so the toddler has to go!)

Today, I’m going to enjoy my cheesecake (Happy Father’s Day to the best Hubby, ever!)

Tomorrow starts a new WW week for me, and I WILL end the week with my weekly points in the single digits (I’m okay with it being the negative single digits, but not like this week’s “Weekly Remaining Points” of -85!

One good day

On Thursday, I was so proud of myself! I figure it out! I finished the day having consumed 26 points worth of food, which is basically right where I need to be.

I woke up Friday feeling like a rock star, and when Hubby said he wanted to go to Outback that night to celebrate Father’s day, I knew I could handle it. After all, one day of success makes me the perfect healthy eating expert, right? (Note the sarcasm in that statement.)

Yeah, I ended Friday at 76 points.

Clearly, it’s still a work in progress. I did track everything though, and I know from experience that’s what will take the weight off. I have to keep trying; I have to hold myself accountable for what goes in my mouth; I will have days like Friday – they are part of life and not the end of the world.

Today I woke up feeling swollen (I’m guessing there was a lot of sodium in my meal last night), so I’m focusing on drinking LOTS of water today. I think I have a good plan for this coming week. It does involve cheesecake on Sunday, but I know that going in, and am hoping to budget for it accordingly.

I’m curious to see what the scale says on Monday morning.


That clapping sound is me

From July 2015-July 2016 I lost 80 lbs. Even now, I’m down well over 60, and anyone who says weightloss is all sunshine and roses is full of shit – it also include loose skin…

…and sometimes that skin makes a really embarrassing clapping sound when one jumps.

Yep, that’s right, my belly flab claps when I jump.

It’s mortifying.

So I thought I’d share a pic to explain what is happening with my frontal trunk area (and kinda shows off my ab muscles if you’re willing to look past the extra insulation that I’m still carrying):

belly flab

1st I have to point out that the divot the arrow is pointing to is where I actually have something resembling ab muscles!!! (even if they’re still covered by a bit of flab). If you look down, though, you can clearly see the “flap” that “claps” when tucked into my pants.

Seriously though, those ab muscles are real! They are hard, and I can totally tense and relax them them! Now if only my belly button would stop frowning at me. *sigh*

WW – a successful failure?

The last time I tried Weight Watchers was before my son was born, so it’s been a while.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I know the program always focuses on building healthy habits, and that it works (so long as I follow it). It’s been a week now, and I really like it – despite kinda failing at it pretty badly. It’s certainly different, and I’ll try to keep my explanation brief.

Basically, I get 23 points/ day plus 35 extra points to use throughout the week. Then there are 200 foods that are 0 points. Seems simple, right?

Yeah, I haven’t managed to stay under 35 points/day yet, and there were a couple days that were closer to 50 points!

See, there’s a bit of a learning curve. For example, I’ve been enjoying plain Greek yogurt parfait with frozen berries and 1/4 cup grape nuts for breakfast. Seems healthy to me, but it’s 8 points!!! It took me forever (Ok, fine, 3 days, but it felt like forever) to realize that if I switched from 2% plain Greek yogurt to 0% plain Greek yogurt, it would only be 3 points, because the 0% is a 0 point food, but the 2% isn’t.

Same thing with the chicken salad I made the other night. If I’d used skinless chicken breast (0 points) instead of the leftovers from a whole roaster chicken (4pt/ 3oz), it would have been much lower in points.

Part of me feels like there’s not really that much of a difference between 0% and 2% yogurt, or between skinless breast and meat from a whole roasted chicken. I’d say each swap is worth less than 100 calories.

Of course, if you put them together it’s probably a little over 100 calories, and 100 calories/day = 10 lbs/ year. Which makes a scary amount of sense when you consider that I’ve slowly gained 18 lbs over the last 2 years. So maybe these WW people actually know what they’re doing, and those little changes do matter.

If nothing else, I’ve swapped my ice cream obsession for Yasso frozen yogurt bars (100 calories/4-5 pts each and my new favorite thing), and I’m snacking on fruit like grapes and strawberries instead of junk like chips and candy.

WW wants me to weigh in on Mondays, so next Monday, we’ll see what the scale says.

For now, I’m celebrating better eating habits while still trying to figure out how not to fail at sticking with my points budget.head scratcher old time.jpg-392x586


Tuesday, June 10

Just a quick update:

I ate 37 pts (I’m only supposed to eat 23!)

I completed LIIFT 4 wk 1, day 1 (except for the tricep push-ups, ’cause I can’t do that YET)

And then I ran around like a crazy person as I did laundry and unpacked.

Tomorrow I’m heading into the city with my son, so walking around there will likely count as my workout. I’ll probably go over on points again, too, but so long as I’m tracking I’m not going to get too worked up about it.

Where I’m At


So it’s been awhile…

… like a LOOOONNNNGG while.

Life’s been busy – good – but busy.

I published my first ever professional article in a national, peer-reviewed journal!

I moved (this dragged on FOREVER, since Hubby moved more than 6 month ahead of Little Man and me).

Oh yeah, Hubby graduated college and got a job, too (hence the move).

I got a new job, in a new school district. It means a short summer, this year. My old school didn’t let out until June 4th, and the new school starts July 29.

With all of that chaos, workouts have been inconsistent at best, my weight has not been an area of focus, and running isn’t a thing I’m sure I remember how to do.

But now it’s summer, the move is done, and it’s time to dedicate a bit to myself.

Last Wednesday, I weighed in at 170.2 lbs and joined WW. I wanted something different than MFP; the thought of counting calories again just seems very… *sigh* …tiresome. I also know that I NEED to track my eating.

I keep waiting to freak about the weight, and I just can’t work up the emotion about it. It’s just a number, and I don’t really care about it. I do, however, care that my knees are hurting again, and some of my size 10 pants are a bit tighter around the waist than I’d like.

So, here I am.


This is my living room right now – moving is a pain!

4 day drama

I’ve learned that I only like to run if I do it no less often than every other day or so.

That said, I’ve also learned that streaking doesn’t work for me.

Basically, it works like this:
I can run 4 days in a row and feel okay. On the 5th day, I feel like shit – heavy & slow.

After 1 rest day (be it after 1 day running or 4), I feel awesome and am so excited to run!

After 2 rest days, I think a run sounds nice.

After 3 rest days I don’t want to go run, but I will if I make myself.

After 4 rest days, I’d rather cut off my own toes and cook them for dinner than actually change clothes, go out the door, and force myself to run down the road!

This brings me to today – it’s Thursday, and I haven’t run since Sunday. Today is my 4th rest day. I officially feel like I hate running.

That said, I’ll go do it in the morning. For real – no exceptions or excuses! I’ll be out the door by 9:30 am.